DIY Succulents

My Grandma sadly passed away two months ago and one of the things she really loved were succulents. Whilst we were cleaning out her house I took some off-cuts to plant some of my own succulents in her memory.

I went to Bunnings at Kirrawee to find everything I needed. I did try Big W first but they didn't have the right potting mix. Actually I don't think they had any of this stuff. Definitely go to a gardening store.

What you will need:

. Succulent/ cacti potting mix
. Pebbles
. Jars or pots
. Scissors
. A spoon
. A spray bottle
. Newspaper to cover ground
. Succulents

These are the various beautiful succulents I found in my Grandma's backyard. The one in the bottom right corner is the plant that is especially dedicated to her as the two tiny succulents were joined together by delicate roots when none of the others were. My grandma and I weren't close but she was family and we will always be connected through that.

Planting succulents is crazy easy and it was actually so much fun to do. It was very relaxing. 

STEP 1: Put pebbles on the bottom of the jar or pot you are using. This acts a self watering mechanism for the plant. If you have a self watering pot you don't need to worry about this step.
STEP 2: Put soil in. Pat it down to ensure it isn't blowing around.
STEP 3: Make a little hole in the middle with the spoon to place the succulent stem in. The really cool thing about succulents is that they literally grow off cuttings. So as long as you leave enough stem to be covered in dirt you will be fine.
STEP 4: Cover the soil around the plant with pebbles. This will help hold the plant down.
STEP 5: Water the plant. Don't over water it though. They don't need a lot, it just needs to be watered regularly. 

This one was a bit more challenging. I ended up changing the plants that I put in it in the end. On the second go it was a bit better but still difficult.

All the new children for my bedroom. Make sure you keep them in a spot that gets enough sunlight. I am usually really bad with plants in general, they die on me most of the time. But I am getting better. These plants are a really great introduction to gardening/ looking after plants. They are so low maintenance and are super cute.

Send me photos of your succulents at my facebook page.


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