March Recap

One pretty exciting part of March was joining the Supre Girl Gang. I am absolutely in love with this playsuit that can be worn for so many different occassions!

Playsuit / Supre
Wrist / H&M
Shoes / Lipstik Shoes

Dinner dates with Lucy are always a highlight of any week. This delicious meal was at Kuro Neko in Sutherland. I have probably posted about this place various times, but they really do the best ramen outside of the CBD.

Kilter released a new track called "fool for you" ft Micah Jey. Being the supportive friend I am I texted Triple J requesting it. Which ended up with me being on the radio sounding like a right fool because I cannot interview live. And above was my reaction after that phone call. But hey, you got to support your friends, no matter what.

Lusting over expensive goods I will never afford in my study breaks at Uni. Honestly anything holographic has a place in my heart and in my wardrobe.

Lily introduced me to this magical place right near my Uni called Spice Alley. It is this mecca of amazing food in this really unique setting. You can literally go and eat your food in the little houses.

Because sometimes wearing makeup is annoying and I prefer to be a boy some days and have the ability to wash my face whenever I want. And most of the times I don't wear makeup I actually really like it because I feel invisible (minus the purple hair) and I can just blend into the crowd for the day. Apparently I did not succeed in that mission on this day, and I somehow attracted the attention of a 40 something year old business man. He literally just dropped this piece of paper before running off the train. I guess chivalry isn't dead?

Found these black/ purple lilies in Woolworth's and almost cried at how beautiful they are.

Most of March was me being at Uni and taking dumb snapchats. If you so choose, you can see these snaps if you add me @yeswanderlust.

I quit smoking and I am so proud. I will still have the sneaky couple of darts at a party or if I am out drinking, but most of the time I will just choose not to. I'm not sure if I can smell better or if things taste better. But I did gain weight. But that's a small price to pay. I may have already written about it, but this is just something I am really proud about finally achieving after years of half-assed attempts.

Horror movie nights with my best friend. We are actually starting to run low on options. If you have any good horror movie suggestions please let me know.

Another one of my highschool friends, Starsh got engaged!! Is this what being an adult is?

My poor cat next door is so old and frail now. And after years of evil stares at eachother we are finally on speaking terms. Poor Jessie.

No makeup date night

This is as festive as my house gets during Easter. We are not very religous. My mum is Ukrainian Orthodox and I do enjoy the little traditions my mum holds onto. But all in all, we are pretty relaxed during most holidays.

My favourite thing about Easter is when mum hides eggs all over my room. This year was especially challenging. It doesn't help when mum forgets to count how many she has hidden and I end up finding eggs weeks later in shoes and other things.

Queen of the breakfast bowl.

And last but not least, the best Laksa in Sydney, Thai Splendid at Miranda. If you know somewhere better please message me I would love to be the judge of any Laksa in Sydney. As you can see I love all noodle related foods. Message me on Tumblr.


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