XI. Jimbaren Bay

After spending the day getting crispy at Dreamland Beach Kaje took us to Jimbaren Bay for a seafood dinner. This is a definite Bucket List item that you need to tick off if you visit Bali. The first place we got dropped off at was well out of our price range so the best advice I can give to you is shop around before you sit down. We had to do the awkward sit down, get water, read the menu then get up and leave dance and no one likes doing that. We should have planned ahead because the place we wanted to go to Lia Cafe but they were fully booked. 

Dirty blonde in full swing.

We ended up at King Crab which was actually quite funny because they didn't have any crab. But they went out of their way to get crab especially for us which was pretty awesome considering lobster and crab are my absolute favourite. The sunset that afternoon was pretty weak for Bali, but it still tops any sort of sunset we would get in Sydney.

Our specially ordered crabs that tasted out of this world incredible. I am usually more inclined for the soft shell variety but Bali really delivered the goods when it comes to seafood. 

The amazing platter we were presented with. My mouth is watering just looking at it. As much as I respect vegetarians and vegans I could just never do that to myself. The thought of going to Bali and not filling myself with as much seafood as possible hurts my soul.

From what I can recall I think this is the package we got, plus two crabs added on top. USD $23 per person.. So yeah it is a pretty ridiculously good deal.

Package: Kcdc 07 ( Sea Food Parade ) 
- 300 Gram Lobster
- 500 Gram Fish
- 300 Gram Squid
- 4 Pcs Of Prawn
- 4 Pcs Mussel
- 1 Pcs Crab
- Soft Drink

After the big day we had had we went home that night with very full bellies and tired eyes. Not tired enough to sleep in the car though. Especially when you are in the middle of this. Bali doesn't do lanes. You just get in your car and hope you make it back home. At least you are still more safer then being on a bike. If you have any questions about my trip please don't hesitate to reach out to me at facebook.com/YesWanderlust

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