VII. La Plancha & Barbacoa

That afternoon we decided to go to La Plancha for sunset sessions on the beach. This is something that you should definetely do at least once. It was such a chill atmosphere and a really beautiful location to lie back and watch the sunset. A perfect before dinner activity.

There are lots of different places you can choose to sit at. They are all basically the same. We chose this one because we could get a table for all of us and it was close to the front. Plus I really liked the umbrellas.

Such amazing company. Really miss seeing these guys daily.

After La Plancha we headed to Barbacoa for dinner. Heads up, make sure you book and check the dress code before you go.

We spent a long time debating over whether this meal or our Mamasan meal was the top meal in Bali. The results are still 50/50.

The quasadilla was a special that night and it was so amazing. I think it was lamb and mango or something. All I can remember is that it was melt in your mouth delicious.
And I think there were a few random tacos in the mix as well.

We finally tried some Babi Guling which is a famous Bali dish of suckling pig. You will see signs for it everywhere on the street but this is definitely the place you want to go to try it. I am not usually one for pig meat but this really was delicious!
Pork spare ribs with chipotle and agave glaze.
Charcoal octopus, crispy polenta, chorizo and paprika oil.
Spanish style fried potatos with aioli 

I am not going to lie I can't for the life of me remember what we had other then the amazing Babi Guling. But I do remember this meal being phenomenal and I wish we went back there.

I really enjoyed the open space dining. The interior was so beautifully decorated and consistent of the rustic theme.

Oh and if you take a peak through the front window you can see the Babi Guling in the process of being roasted. Maybe look after you try it. But unless you are vegetarian it is a definite must when you are in Bali.



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