VI. Mexicola and Sisterfields

After Mamasan that night we decided to go to Motel Mexicola for some chilled drinks and good times. This quickly turned in to many tequila shots and me not remembering how we made it back to the villa that night.

Round 1 of 5. The beginning of the end of the end.

Even in my relatively intoxicated state I needed to take photos of the place because I was just blown away by the decor. This is by far one of my favourite places in Bali to drink. The music was amazing, the vibes were great even on a Tuesday night. At one point a guy came around to our table and just poured tequila down all our throats. We didn't know who he was or if he worked there but I think this is the kind of place where you just go with the flow.

I ended my night being carried into bed by Luke and passing out to the sounds of him watching Prison Break. It's safe to say this was one of my favourite nights in Bali.

The next morning we went shopping around Seminyak and I decided to stop by Mexicola to get some photos of the place in better lighting. Every direction you turn there is something fun to look at. I hands down am obsessed with this place. I hope they open one in Sydney one day. Or Melbourne considering that's where I am hoping to end up.

Everywhere you look is a sense of organised chaos. A combination of colours and patterns and Mexican motifs that all come together to form a really beautiful interior.

We popped in to Juzzi and Jazz's villa in the morning at the W Resort and I have to say it was basically a little slice of heaven.

Had to get my nails redone so I wasted a couple of hours in Bali doing that. Is this not the hardest decision ever? Picking a nail colour. I always end up sticking to white anyway but I like to know my options.

For lunch we went to Sisterfields and I had the most amazing Banh Mi in my whole entire life. It was soft shell crab and just thinking about it is making my mouth water. The entree I had was a little lobster bun because I had become quite obsessed with lobster on my trip to Bali. It was good but pretty expensive for how big it was.

The juice here was also to die for. The strawberry, mango and banana smoothie is heaven. In this mix was my Banh Mi, a meatball and mozzarella sub, smashed avocado with poached eggs, and a pulled pork charcoal roll.

We basically just spent our morning/ day recovering from the epic day of activities and night of drinking. It was a very chilled out day of hungover shopping.

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