VIII. Nusa Lembongan & Turtle Releasing

This day actually started out a bit scary to be honest. We had our driver Kaje drop us off at this boat jetty where we could be departing from for Nusa Lembongan. Luke had organised with Juzz and Jazz a surprise with me for the afternoon so they spent a bit of time sorting out the logistics for the day but after that we were on a boat to the island. We ended up getting dropped off at the wrong side of the island and needed to somehow get to this other beach. All we wanted was for a couple of drivers to bike us over. This local managed to rope us into this deal for a boat ride which we didn't actually want. He then left us for 20min and we had no idea where he had gone so we managed to organise bikes. Just as we were about to leave he came back and got really angry at all of us and it was actually pretty dodgy. He was yelling at the bike riders that were going to take us and nearly got in to a fight with Juzz. We eventually got away from him and just got the bikes to the other side. So as a word of advice, be very careful if you choose to go to Nusa Lembongan.

In saying that though, the view was pretty worth it. By this point we were all starving and had finally gotten to the Deck where we were eating lunch. This is the view from where we were sitting.

Fish and chips, nachos and a steak sandwich. Plus a fresh coconut on the side. If you do go to Nusa Lembongan make this your first choice when it comes to choosing a place to eat. You will not be disappointed.

After lunch Juzz and Jazz went to a spa and Luke and I were planning to go snorkelling. We couldn't find any good places to snorkel on the beach we were at so we decided to test our skills at paddle boarding. We were not very good, but it was a lot of fun.

Every time.

Will definitely be trying to do this a fair bit this summer. It was so much fun and even just hanging out on the board was so relaxing. Why sunbake on the beach when you can sunbake on the water?

We had to catch the boat back in the afternoon to make it back to Kuta in time for this mysterious surprise. I never get surprises and I love them so this was a pretty amazing day for me.

Always stopping to play with puppies. Check out how mean the monkey bite bruise on my arm was looking. It was such a strange bruise.

Juzz ended up buying a couple of knives on the way back to the car.

THE SURPRISE WAS RELEASING BABY TURTLES INTO THE OCEAN!!!!!! They made me cover my eyes on the walk there and when I opened them I was looking at this and my entire heart melted.

You can read more about the amazing work the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation do and how you can get involved at their Facebook Page and their Website.

There are a few rules that need to be followed when you release baby turtles into the ocean. Do not touch them or pick them up. And when the turtles have been released make sure you keep your feet down when waves come as they can easily be stepped on. Other then that it is a pretty amazing experience that I still can't believe Luke organised for me.

This is the one thing that really ruined the experience. Tourists coming off the beach and standing in the middle of everything without being briefed about what to do and just stomping everywhere. It actually got to a point where I was so exhausted of telling people to stop moving during waves I ended up bailing. That will forever be my pet peeve. Tourists that don't try and educate themselves. They just stomp everywhere doing whatever they like without a care in the world. I know this is such a small example but I see it all the time when travelling and it just really grinds my gears.

We spent the afternoon with the biggest smiles on our faces, watching the sunset and discussing our baby turtles future lives. I called mine Babe.

That night we went back to La Favela because the food was great and Juzz wanted to take some photos as inspiration for the restaurant/ cafe he will be opening soon in Sydney.

I didn't notice these rooms the first time I went. They are like private rooms you can hire and they are themed that they look like little Mexican living rooms. I was so obsessed. It was literally like looking into someones home.

This night we really spoilt ourselves.

Camembert in the oven - with three different types of bread
Grilled Octopus - amazing
Favela Tataki - Seared crusted tuna with thai mango salad
Goats cheese crumble

Felliri's Favourite Risotto - seafood, my favourite kind of risotto
The 3 Musketeers - Jumbo prawns with tomato confit
Chinatown - Pork ribs with tamarind miso and vegetables yasaitame
From Garry's Oven - roasted half chicken and mediterranean vegetables
From the enchanted forest - Arborio rice and porcini mushroom
Side of baby potatoes

The girls bathroom is all kinds of spooky awesome.

This was sadly our last night with Jazz and Juzzi as they were flying back to Sydney the next day. They had already extended their trip by a week. It was so lovely having such an amazing couple of people to travel Bali with. So happy the universe brought us together at this same place. La Favela, the place we met and had our last meal together.



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