IX. Sea Circus & La Lucciola

That morning Luke and I had a late breakfast/ brunch at Sea Circus. Luke had Baja style tacos and I had Baja style quesadilla. I also had a wheatgrass shot and fresh coconut which are my ultimate obsession when I go to Tropical places.

We spent this day shopping in and around Seminyak for the most part. During our time in Bali we became very much obsessed with the chain store there called Religion. Above are a pair of shorts that I really regret not buying.

This store was so intense. It specialised in bone carving and other weird animal things. This skull I have to admit is rather beautiful and I had to stop and look at it every time I walked past.

Always making friends with stray animals.

That afternoon/ night we went to La Lucciola for an early dinner but mainly to watch the sunset. We hadn't made a proper booking so we were actually really lucky to get such an amazing seat on the second level. This is a pretty amazing place to watch the sunset. You can't really beat that beachside location.

Can you spot Luke?

Blue crab risotto and spinach and ricotta ravioli with a parmesan salad on the side. My risotto was mouth watering delicious. By far the best risotto I have ever eaten. The portion size was pretty much perfect as well.

Some very sweet but extremely delicious passionfruit cocktail.

It was pretty early when we finished dinner and left La Lucciola. So we decided to get a cab to the end of Kayu Aya and check out the shops on the walk back.

This is called the Skull shop or something like that. It pretty much is just that, lots of skulls and skeletons in many different forms.

This was a painting I was going to buy for my best friend Lani. I ended up not getting it because it was a little bit overpriced and I didn't think bartering was an option in this store.

This store may have tripped me out more then it should have. Luke thought I was an idiot.

We actually really killed it with the shopping that day. May have gone a little bit overboard but that's totally fine. The main places we shopped were Tropicana, The People Vs, and Religion. Everything else is just from really random places.

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