X. Snorkelling & Dreamland Beach

On this day in Bali we had a pretty decent list of things we wanted to do. Kaje was our driver for the day. First off we went snorkelling for a couple of hours in the morning. For this post I will not be mentioning the name of the company that took us out snorkelling as they were pretty awful and the snorkelling location was pretty disgusting. I don't feel right taking away business from them but I don't want to advertise them as an option either. 

So we spent a couple of hours just trying to make the best of a bad situation. There were barely any fish and not much space to swim because there were boats everywhere and other activities going on around us. So I just played with the GoPro and enjoyed the swim.

Truly in my element. Mermaid life.

After the slight let down of a morning Kaje took us to the most stunning beach called Dreamland Beach. It really is quite a lovely place to spend the day by the water but some words of warning. It is a trek to get there. There is a development being built up near it called New Kuta so it will probably be a very heavily populated location when that opens up. You have to take a gross shuttle bus from the parking lot and then down this polluted concrete area that really is quite disgusting. I mean when you finally step out on to the beach it really is like a dream but getting there is a bit of a nightmare.

Also spent some time here playing with my camera. I really need to start taking photos more often.  Not just when I travel. I think my dream job would be being the HONY guy. Just meeting people and asking them about their lives. It always amazes me to think how many humans there are around us, all with such complex issues and problems they themselves are dealing with.

Also another word of advice. If you aren't a strong swimmer, or simply just aren't used so swimming in waves maybe avoid Dreamland because the waves here are quite big. This whole group of beaches in this area are favourite locations for surfers.

I won't lie. It was extremely entertaining watching people get wiped out by these waves. Does that make me a horrible person?

Imagine living in that house..

Beach babe.

I take my "The Beach People Original Roundie" with me everywhere. I love that round towels have become a massive trend this summer. The Beach People still have the best quality though. Also at this point in time I had finished my book 'The girl in 6E' and was losing my mind not having a book to read so I ended up reading (and finishing) the book I bought for Luke called 'ZOO'. A tv series has been made based on it but it's pretty horrible. Would highly recommend the book. It's the walking dead meets when animals attack.

Embracing being a dirty blonde for as long as I can. Blonde and I don't work well together. I like swimming and doing activities that blonde hair disagrees with. As much as I love it, it always ends up green. That's why I stick to purple. It is surprisingly less of an upkeep then having blonde hair.

Couldn't have asked for a better travel companion.

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