V. Tegenungan Waterfall and mamasan

Our last stop in Ubud that day was the Tegenungan waterfall, and it truly was breathtaking. I mean that literally. Walking back up those stairs was the death of me but it was so worth it.

This was one of the most stunning places we went to in Bali. I really wish I could have spent more time here.

After our little photo sesh we decided to try and sneak a kiss under the waterfall. 

I feel so at peace writing this just remembering how loud it was there. All these photos look so calm but you have no idea how windy it was. And it wasn't the easiest thing getting through that water.

But we made it. The experience alone was worth more then a photo could ever express.

Such an amazing experience. Worth every moment. We didn't spend very long here as it was already pretty late in the day. But it was so rewarding, every minute of it. I even bathed in some holy water before climbing those crazy stairs. Sweet lord those stairs. Worth it.

That night we managed to get a booking at Mamasan. We arrived a bit early so we spent a good hour in the Religion store, no regrets. I would highly recommend making a booking beforehand for Mamasan. It is very popular for all the right reasons.

Spirituality is a very popular cocktail in Bali. Most places seem to have it. At Mamasan the Spirituality was a mixture of Pimm's with watermelon and berries. The cocktails I can remember we ordered were a whisky sour an espresso ginger martini and a couple others. I can't seem to find this one espresso martini they had. It was paired with a scoop of chocolate cream and it was actually the nicest espresso martini I have ever tried. The ginger one was actually ordered by mistake but it was still really nice. Spirituality became my go-to cocktail in Bali. I love Pimms.

Our entrees:
Roasted Peking duck with steamed choy sum & red bean sauce: This was the best dish I ate during my whole entire trip in Bali. And I had some pretty amazing dishes. The sauce and the combination of ginger just blew my mind. 10/10
Salt & Pepper squid with red nahm jihm: As long as you avoid the chillis these were great. Unless chilli is your thing.
Lamb martabak with curry powder egg leek with pickled cucumber relish tamarind dressing: I can't for the life of me remember but I am pretty sure this was the other dish. It was all incredible.

Trying to figure out how to take photos of food in low lit restaraunts became one of my biggest challenges in Bali. So bare with me. 

Our mains:
Massaman curry with chicken shallot pumpkin potato peanuts & tamarind - Definetly different to what I am usually used to but the flavours were there. It was a bit hotter then usual as well. But in saying that it was still pretty phenomenal.
Beef rendang braised in coconut milk - The coconut milk in this really worked so well.
“Pad Thai” rice noodles egg peanuts dried shrimp pickled turnip tofu beansprouts - A pretty standard dish but done so well.
Stir fried black pepper “imported Kimberley” beef with asparagus green shallot ginger & sugar snap - The meat in this really melted in your mouth.

Stir fried Asian greens on the side

This was my absolute favourite meal out of our whole trip. 10/10 Recommend you go to Mamasan if you visit Bali. You will not regret it. Try and go with a group of people as it is a sharing restaurant, plus it means you get to try more things.



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