IV. Mexicasa and Monkey Temple

For lunch we hit up Taco Casa. Which we later found out is actually a chain. This was quite a late lunch so the tequila's were totally acceptable. We got Beef Fajitas (amazing amazing amazing!), an eight layer burrito (Luke and Juzz shared this one), some crispy chicken tacos and a Margarita to top it all off.

It was actually so great travelling with Juzz and Jazz. We could get so much more food when we went out and try bits of everything. Plus they were pretty amazing company. Pretty lucky that we bumped into them on the Saturday night.

After lunch we went to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Apparently this place is a lot better then the Monkey Temple in Uluwatu. I was told that the monkeys there are a lot more aggressive. The monkeys we met were pretty chill.

Let's be real. If you don't like photos of monkeys doing weird things then you are probably in the wrong place. I could spend hours watching these sort of humans.

Turns out if you sit down long enough they will come and investigate you.

Parenting 101

A lot of monkeys you come across would have some pretty intense injuries. Most likely from fighting with eachother. This was probably the most brutal injury of the day.

I was playing with this really friendly monkey when it start to take too much of an interest in my favourite ever necklace. I knew I needed to take it back so I tried to. The monkey did not like this at all. It ended up biting me, and pooping on me at the same time. I really got a bit of a two for one deal. The bite didn't draw blood and I am still alive so no need to worry. It was probably a good thing my dress had sleeves that day. I ended up having this killer bruise for the rest of the trip.

The moment of impact.

You will see a lot of random photos of painted wood like this. I became deadset obsessed while I was there. I would love to purchase a whole house full of furniture from Bali. Damn Australia and their uptight border security not letting me bring back amazing wooden door frames.

I did not try street food for my entire time in Bali. And I can happily say that I did not get Bali belly once. Luke is a different story but we will get to that.



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  1. This trip looks and sounds like it's freaking amazing. I am so jealous :D I'd love to see those rice terraces and lounge at a Bali resort.
    I'm also a would-be traveller/photoblogger but for now I'm stuck studying in Tasmania. Hoping my eventual degree will take me places like this ;)