II. The W Hotel & Potato Head

Kicking off our second full day in Bali.

Another day, another glorious over the top breakfast spread.

Our first stop was the W hotel for brunch. In hindsight we probably shouldn't have eaten breakfast.

This was the resort that our friends Juzzi and Jaz were staying at. It was pretty amazing. Maybe don't look up the price though. But if you do want to come to the resort and pretend you are a guest for a little while that is totally fine. We were too early for the brunch so we just spent our morning chilling by the many pools.

When your skin colour matches your bikini. Before tan winter white.

White skin, white hair, white bikini, white nails.

My paradise.

After spending our morning swimming in the perfect temperature pools we dried off and sat down for brunch. If you go to Bali I urge you to go to the W for brunch at least once. Handy hints: Make sure to book prior and go on a very empty stomach. This is by far the most outstanding buffet I have ever eaten at in my entire life. The presentation was immaculate and the food tasted amazing! Photos do not do justice to the effort that has been put in to this brunch.

If that dessert table doesn't have you drooling a little then I don't know what will.

This buffet is actually set out a little differently to normal buffets. On top of the normal buffet tables their are these additional stands inside and outside where you can go and order off the mini menu and they will bring the dish to your table.

I regret not getting a plate of fruit but there was just too much other good food to try.

Luke and I tried the Peking Duck on the far left. The duck was good but it was mostly just rice. Another food group we didn't want to fill up on unnecessarily.

Paella, chicken, chilli tofu, lamb, and fish.

One of the many plates of amazing seafood that I got.

First time eating lobster out of an actual lobster. I developed quite an obsession with lobster during my time in Bali. Just picking up that expensive taste.

This was Laksa I ordered from one of the little stations. It was extremely chilli but still great.

Antipasto cheese platter I made for us. By this time we were starting to get quite full.

The dessert plate. Tried to get one of everything. The custard cup thing was my favourite. I think it's called panna cotta but I could be wrong.

I got another seafood plate because the crab and lobster was too good to pass up. We were trying to crack open the crab when one of the waiters came over to help. He accidentally dropped it on the floor and was so upset that he took it back. He came back out with this plate of at least a whole crab that they had scooped out for me. I was so full at this point but I had to eat it. It was delicious, no regrets. The meal costs around $60-70 per person without alcohol, which is a bit pricey but definitely worth it for the experience and the amazing quality of the food.

After the W Hotel, we headed to Potato Head Beach Club. We spent the rest of the afternoon/ night here. We were so blown away by this place. The architecture, the music, the drinks, the vibes, everything is just so on point.

You can't reserve the sunbeds which is a shame. If you get the chance to go to Potato Head I reccomend getting there around 10:30am to be one of the first people in when it opens. There are apparently lines to get the sunbeds, its a first come first serve policy. We never ended up making it on time to get a sunbed but I would definitely recommend it if you want to get the most out of your day/ night at Potato Head.

The pina coladas here are to die for. By far the best pina coladas I have ever drunk.

This was my first book of Bali. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. If you like thriller novels with a strong side of sexy go and get this book now. You will not be disappointed. I am currently reading the second book "Do Not Disturb" and it is so ridiculously hard to put down once you start. The chapters are short and captivating and I can spend hours reading without even noticing. I wish I had taken the second book with me to Bali.

These are the day beds and they are well comfy.

Juzzi and Jaz came and met up with us and we all watched the sunset together.

Trying hard not to get my hair wet. Heads up though, if you go swimming at Potato Head, which you will, don't wear a white bikini. The amount of chemicals in that pool completely changed the colour of my bikini and I had to ask the laundry people at my villa to bleach it for me.

Goofy sunset smiles with my favourite person.

Luke and Juzzi ft. sunset vibes.

Juzzi wrecking so many peoples photos.

Warning: If you do not like seeing photos of amazing sunsets, you will not like my Bali blog posts. I was absolutely obsessed with the sunsets over the water and I am not ashamed at how many photos I will be posting of them.

That night we ended up getting a sunbed for dinner. People tend to leave after the sunsets and heads up, it does get a little chilly, especially if you had gone swimming. For dinner I got these amazing lobster rolls which were a bit of a disaster eating in the dark but I managed. Yes, those are potato chips.

This was how our night ended. Good food, good drinks, good company and great vibes. We actually enjoyed eachothers company so much we planned the next few days together. Stay tuned..



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