XII. Kuta Markets, Nebula Room & Sarong

On our last Saturday in Bali we got our driver Kaje to drop us off in the heart of Kuta so we could spend the day at Poppy's Markets.

The Bali bombing memorial.

This was probably on of my favourite stores in Poppy's. I bought a couple of little Buddhas to add to my collection and he gave me a great deal. The shop is pretty intense to walk around in, so much amazing and weird stuff to see. 

For lunch we went to Nebula Room which is conveniently located right in the middle of Poppies Lane II. I had heard this name mentioned in travel guides, which is why we chose it. And I am so glad we did it was such a great place. The decor was amazing. Loved the paintings on the walls.

It was such a hot day and by lunch we were so worn out. This was exactly what we needed, air con, wifi, fresh juice and delicious food.

Thai Beef Salad - fresh and delicious 

Nasi Goreng - I spent half my time in Bali trying Nasi Goreng and every single time remembering that I liked Migoreng better. This was another one of those times.
Black Bun Burger - Just like a normal burger, only black like your soul

I really appreciate this wall planner. Such a lovely way to see whats on during the week.

Such a horrible practice. I can't believe someone would think this would be a good thing to do in Bali. That poor horse in that horrible heat and standing on the road amongst the craziest drivers in the world..

After the markets we were completely broken both physically and emotionally. We had gotten some shoes, some sunglasses and I also got a cliche but adorable Bali bag and some other things. I have to say it was not as bad as Bangla road markets in Thailand. The people in Kuta were a lot less aggressive and I didn't have one person try and grab me or put clothing on me in an attempt to get me to buy their stuff. The Bali shop owners had so much more chill then the crazies in Thailand. But I still think if it is your first time going to markets in Asia it will still be pretty overwhelming. Some tips I have learnt:
1. Always be wary of your surroundings and keep your possessions close.
2. Go in to each haggle with a price in mind and start at least 30% lower then that number
3. Always start ridiculously low and don't go above your set price. If they won't stay at your price then move on. Be persistent and patient. 
4. It's ok to walk away. Don't take anything they say personally. They get this all the time. 
5. Don't say it's your first time. If they ask this is your 4th or 5th time staying in that location and name a hotel nearby.
6. Stay safe and hydrated.

That night after many attempts to book dinner at many different places including Sardine which I am still upset we missed out on considering how good the food is in Bali, we finally got a table (albeit a late one) at Sarong which was conveniently just around the corner from where we were staying in Seminyak.

Grilled scallop with sweet crispy duck Thai basil young coconut & peanut nam jihm - I love everything seafood and these scallops were exceptional. I just wish they came in bigger servings. I could have eaten a bucketful.

Butter chicken with cashew nuts ginger garam masala kasoori methi & tomato sauce 
Slow cooked Sri Lankan lamb curry with coconut milk coriander cumin lemongrass and curry leaves 
Cheese Naan bread

The meal in itself was really quite lovely but I think I am just more adapted to the cheap, oily butter chicken from near where I live and anything that tastes different to it is just inferior. But in all fairness this dinner was amazing and it was basically gourmet Indian but I guess I just personally prefer the gross/ delicious stuff.

When you ask your hangry boyfriend to wait two seconds so you can take a photo. Cannot thank Luke enough for all his patience in having to deal with this at every meal. Writing about travel can take a toll on your loved ones. Shout out to all the loving boyfriends who have travel bloggers for girlfriends.

Wearing all my Buddhas. The fat one is my Lucky Buddha, I take him everywhere. Favourite ever necklace. Thanks Diva circa 2004 for the charm. Only a couple more days left of our amazing Bali trip. New goal is to finish these posts by the end of the year. I really am the worst at blogging on time. New Years Resolution, blog consistently and frequently, less sporadically. And learn how to use big words in sentences efficiently.

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