XIII. Seeds of Hope Orphanage & Biku

On our second last day in Bali Kaje took us to an Orphanage outside of town called 'Seeds of Hope'. Also if you are traveling to Bali and are looking for an amazing driver, look no further. You can find him here on facebook.

Before we got to the orphanage we went to as many shops as we could trying to get as much of a variety of school supplies as possible. We bought various learning books and pens and textas and colouring books, and this was actually such a fun part of the day. Buying these things knowing that they will make these kids happy for months to come was such a nice feeling.

When we got to the orphanage the kids were at Church so we had to wait a while. Sandra gave us a tour of the place and then the rest of the time we just played soccer and I played with the dogs. 

When the kids came back this man was waiting to give them their sugar highs for the day.

They were all sitting down ready to eat. We weren't too comfortable to eat their food mainly because our stomachs were way too white and fragile at this point in the trip. But we stayed with them while they ate and they sung us songs thanking us for being with them which were really endearing to listen to. 

This is the owner Sandra and her husband. They were such lovely people. She was so inviting and kind hearted.

At one point I pulled out my polaroid and these mischievous little imps kept sneaking off with my pictures. To be fair I was going to give them some anyway but they were so cheeky it was great.

And yet they still know shakas.

This is the amazing Seeds of Hope family. So happy to have been able to meet all of them.

To be completely honest I am pretty horrible when it comes to children. I don't usually enjoy being around them mainly because I have no understanding of how I am meant to act or speak to them. But these guys were pretty chill and fun to hang out with.

It was so lovely meeting all these kids and if you are going to Bali I would definitely recommend going their for a visit. Their website is Seeds of Hope Orphanage and here they have information on visiting and donating. Make sure if you are planning on going there you let them know before hand as the kids may be out doing stuff. We went there on very short notice. And also try and take stuff with you. We may have gone a bit overboard but what's an extra $20 or $50 to us means so much more to them so it was worth it. It was such an enriching experience hearing about their lives and how they ended up there. For what it's worth they were all such happy children and I know they are going to have such bright and positive futures after being raised in such a loving environment. 

On our way home we stopped off at Revolver for a much needed coffee and meal.

The food was amazing and the smoothie I had was to die for. The menu has probably updated by now but this chicken salad was exactly what I needed.

We spent our afternoon having drinks at Potato Head for our second last sunset and then we headed to Biku. I had tried to get my tarot read there during my trip but she was all booked up during the times I had free. If I go to Bali again I will definitely be booking in early.

Mixed Satay: Luke had this and it was pretty standard. We are addicted to satay so anything with it is great in our books. I am not sure what is in the bowl. It may be chicken curry I can't remember. 
Gado Gado - Indonesian vegetable salad with peanut sauce : So this was straight up the weirdest thing I ate in Bali but it was so good. It was literally salad and satay sauce and I just can't believe I only discovered this on my last night. It was amazing!

One more day in Bali!!

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