Summer defined feat the Original Roundie

Here is a list of things that are necessary for summer:

Day trips to Salmon Haul with the boys

The perfect towel from the Beach People. The original roundie, "Aztec".

The perfect sidekick

A pair of sweet jugs

A jug of homemade sangria

Waterproof mascara

A polaroid camera

Day trips to Wottomolla

Picnics at the national park

Summer blooms

Bed days in air conditioned bedrooms

Fresh homemade juice

Chill out sessions with the dogs

Sunset strolls with my babygirls

Bushwalks behind my house

Sweet chilli philly and the occasional cigarette 


Picnics with my favourite girls

Homecooked meals

Excessive amounts of summer fruit

Mini roadtrips with my favourite sidekick

Pool days at Saya's

Pool toys

Mermaid hair

And the occasional topless days. Hope you all had a fantastic summer.


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