This year my goal was to not be the Grinch. I was determined to embrace Christmas and all that 'Christmas cheer'. I think I did a pretty good job. Just to be ironical and because I really do love The Grinch and Dr Seuss, I made Sassie in to my very own Max.

Homemade pavlova swag

She was not a fan.

On Christmas day we had the family come over to our house in the morning brunch. Featuring the famous Polish apple salad that we always make on special occasions. Egg, potato, carrot, pickle, peas, apple and mayo. Sounds pretty gross, but for some reason it just works so well!

Sangria, red wine and prawns, I'm a happy girl.

I kid you not, every time somebody left their chair Sassie would come and sit in their place. She thinks she is a human, and nobody has the heart to tell her otherwise.

The Woodwards

After lunch #1 at my house, we then went to Luke's for our second lunch.

See! You can't be the Grinch if you're wearing a Christmas hat! Look how jolly I am.

Such a pretty spread.

Lunch #2 featuring a return of the apple salad. Seriously can't get enough of it. 

I took Sassie with me to Luke's. I always do. She is a very social puppy. But she doesn't like photos very much.

After lunch we sat around the tree with the family and opened presents. Luke's parents bought me a $90 voucher for Mecca Maxima! And Luke topped it off with my first pair of Timberlands, and they are white! They are so stunning. It sucks that it's Summer, I still haven't worn my babies. Felt so spoilt. My parents gave me an IOU. And I gave them one back. I am buying them both tickets to Matilda (fingers crossed they will still be on sale when I get back from Japan) and they ended up helping me pay for my flight back to Australia.

This was our dinner. I somehow managed three massive meals really well. I just ate really small amounts at each meal and it worked out a treat. It was so nice coming home after Christmas and not feeling guilty and fat for eating heaps of food. Moderation is key.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend it with the people you love. Wishing you all the best for the rest of 2014. 


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