Luke's 21st

I think I like celebrating other peoples birthdays more then celebrating my own. It's so nice spoiling the people you love. Even if finding the perfect gift always seems to be a huge mission. I was extremely lucky. I was planning on just getting him something small from Japan because I had already bought him a lot for our two year anniversary. But when I was at the shops I suddenly knew what to get him. I may have spent a bit more then I should have. But I bought him a really pretty sound bar speaker with a subwoofer. I know it's not the sentimental 21 present. But I am still working on that part. Shh..

Luke had a little house party at his with his nearest and dearest. It was such a nice day, despite how ridiculously hot it was. His parents cooked a mean souvlaki, and we all got sufficiently drunk.

This was not planned. I was terrified. Public speaking is my biggest fear. Above german shepherds and escalators that aren't moving. I hadn't planned on speaking and I really didn't think I would be. But the time came and somehow I was up there. I can't remember a word I said. I can't remember what I spoke about. Not because I was drunk. For some reason I wasn't as scared during the speech as I usually was. I guess it was because I felt like I was just telling my best friend why I love them, so it came pretty naturally. But seriously, please don't make me do a speech again.

Hey Luke, Gone Girl #awkwardlyplacedbeer

It was a pretty great day with some pretty great people.

The next morning we had lunch at Sea Salt, Cronulla. We were not in the best form. 

Look how many bags are under my eyes!

When your regrowth gets so long it starts to look like you have balayage hair.

Luke kicked on with more beer. I stuck to orange juice and water. This was my lunch. Not going to lie, my mum could make this for me. Not only would it be most likely better, it would be free. I just have trouble understanding expensive restaurants trying to serve dishes that are really easy to make and probably don't cost much, for the same price as higher quality meals. But that's none of my business.

Baby's first laptop

Luke, I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend. I'm so happy to have you in my life. Here's to another 21 years of Woodsy and The Shark. Love you babes.


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