Martin Place

Overdosing on coffee and a good book before my interview for Hello Fresh. SPOILER ALERT: I got the job!! I am now a part of the customer service team with Sahra from the Fashion Institute, and I couldn't be happier!

Book review: It was an extremely well written book and it was such an entertaining read. I must admit I did get annoyed at the book on various occasions. Mainly because there were so many cliffhangers and big question marks that made it impossible to put the book down. But I would highly recommend this book, unless you have watched the movie..

Movie review: It was a great movie and the lead actress killed it in her role. But if you have read the book it kind of ruins the story. And vice versa if you watch the movie first. I prefer book to movie any day. But in this case it is hard. Both are so well written/ played out. I guess it all comes down to personnel preference. Whether you enjoy book or movie better. But either way one will spoil the story for the other and it will take away from the entertainment value.

Luke and I had dinner at the Italian Stallion at Gymea. It is a pretty swanky little bar/ restaurant for the shire, but it was also a little bit overrated. The food was really nice, although it was hard to choose from when the menu had less then 10 items on it. I think this place would be really nice to go to with a group of people for work drinks or something like that.

Meet sweaty gym Erica. Still unsure of what I am doing when I go to the gym, but I am getting there. Come on abs, I know you are there. 

So my boss at Woolworths asked me to do a massive favour for him and dress up in 1920's style because it was Woolies 90th birthday. I was asked the night before and literally had nothing to wear. I put this ridiculous outfit together and actually went to work looking like this! I was the only one dressed up and I was extremely embarrassed all day. Never again. But my hair did look super cute at least. I wish I could be bothered to wear victory rolls in my hair everyday.

I had this event that was organised as a collaboration between the Fashion Institute and the General Assembly. It was a forum where a couple of populars bloggers, designers and social media gurus came and discussed with us their tricks of the trade. Brooke Testoni was one of the speakers, she is a blogger I do follow and admire. It was lovely hearing from these talented humans but I ended up leaving halfway through. It just felt very recycled. I felt like I had heard it all before. I don't really blog for followers or likes, I blog to get the thoughts out of my brain into a space that is solely mine. I find something romantic in the notion of leaving behind nothing but my blog if something were to ever happen to me. I also blog to document my life for my own purposes. So when I forget when something happened (which I do all the time) I can just look on my blog at when I posted it.

This place in the city is ramen heaven. Saya took me there and safe to say we frothed everywhere.

Original Tonkutsu ramen. I can't even put this ramen in to words. By far my personal favourite ramen of all time. Although that may change after Japan. It is at least the best that I have had in Sydney. The noodles were just out of this world! They make them in the store, and they are delicious!

We stopped off on the way home to visit baby daisy again. Any excuse to see this smoosh face.

Had my work christmas "party" (it was a dinner at a restaurant, woo party!), safe to say I was the most drunk there. It failed pretty quickly to be honest. We were meant to go out to vinyl room after the adults went home, but everyone crashed at Club Menai. I had drunk a whole bottle of wine to myself. So I was pretty unhappy with this outcome. But I guess it was still an ok night.

Am I kawaii yet?

Had a lovely little crafternoon with Lani. Trying to make our shit Kawaii, it's what we do.

Family lunch with this sly fox.

Go to the shops, buy this, put it in the freezer, wait, consume, enjoy!

I don't know why but I needed to go. Something deep inside me drew me to the city. I bought flowers. I did what was to be done. I didn't know anyone who was involved in the incident. But it touched something deep inside my soul, and I knew I had to go to pay my respects.

This was extremely touching to witness. I remember walking out of Martin Place station it was as if the air had become thicker, almost heavier. There was a heavy silence that was contrasted by a beautiful smell. R.I.P


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