Sassie's broken tail

Thai dinner dates with Nicole are forever a great way to start a blog post.

We ate at Buddha Beach in Cronulla, I had Laksa, it was amazing.

The forever stunning and always busy Nicole.

I keep my favourite items of jewellery where I can see them all the time. My Tiffany and Co ring is from my mum. She bought us matching rings when I turned 16. A Claddagh ring that my best friend Lani gave me when I was 17. My one year anniversary Michael Kors watch and my two year anniversary opal ring from Luke.

Date night with Luke, featuring the best zucchini flowers I have ever eaten. Can't believe this is just in Menai.

My forever sleeping little fox

My flash tattoo from the General Pants store opening at Miranda when I went to see Mockingjay Part 1. Say what you want about the Hunger Games, but I am a certified fan girl and I am so happy that the movie was in two parts. The more Katniss the better.

Luke is beyond terrified of spiders. And one night I heard him cry out from the bathroom and he came running back in to my room. This giant spider was hanging out on the cupboard. And when we went to find it again it had moved. We looked everywhere and eventually found it on the doorway we had just been walking through. We were sufficiently terrified. I promptly screamed at my dad to come and dispose of it for us because we were both too scared.

Sassie was acting a bit weird and we couldn't figure out why. I woke up one morning with blood in my bed and eventually found it to be coming from her tail. When I had gone to Saya's to swim it seems that her dog must have accidentally bitten Sassie. There were cuts on both sides of the tail and it seemed to be dragged through.

When we found it I only saw one of the cuts. We took her to the vets and he shaved her tail and stitched it up. He pretty much told us that there was a 50/50 chance that her tail could fall off if it was stitched too tightly. So that was pretty scary to hear.

He shaved off her whole tail except for the end. She had a little lion tail. Look how miserable she was! We had to buy her a collar (she usually wears a harness on walks) so she could have a cone attached when we weren't watching her.

Spent the morning with Saya at her work playing with latte art and just generally helping out. Free labor, no worries. It was pretty fun, I didn't even consider it work.

After our "shift" we then went to ikea and had a ridiculous amount of fun for two people in a furniture shop.

Me and my man Sharkey.

We finally organised a Cruise reunion! We went to some ribs place out at Maquarie and had such a great night.

After many attempts to get a group photo by placing our phones on various surfaces..

..we finally got the perfect photo. Our next stop is Hawaii! If we can afford it.

Ran out of purple hair dye, so I was pink for a few weeks.

I spend the majority of my days at work cleaning and making latte art. Can't really complain.

My little Christmas Tree

The pink haired barista at Gloria Jeans

After a couple of weeks we were able to take Sassie's bandage off to change it. This is what her tail looked like. It was so swollen where the bite was.

Her little stitches.

Poor girl. Felt like such a mum looking after her for those few weeks. 
UPDATE: Sassie's tail has completely healed now. It didn't fall off which was such a relief. Her hair is growing back, very slowly. She still looks a little silly. But she is not miserable anymore. Back to her happy and sassy self.


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