daisy & graduation

Absolutely obsessed with this ring from Windsor Smith. It was actually a present to Saya from Luke for her birthday, but it didn't fit. So I bought another one and we swapped. Don't you just love it how sometimes things just work out for the best.

Our secret shame. We have a problem with Sutherland sushi train. They know who we are we go there that often. Booth is life.

Introducing the gut wrenchingly beautiful Daisy. Saya's sister Mika decided to buy an English Bulldog puppy, and I am in love.

That proud mother stance.

I literally can't even deal. I think this is what it feels like when your friend has a baby. I am so in love. I just want to cuddle her forever, sorry Sassie. LOOK AT THAT FACE SMOOSH!

After a good hour of drooling on Mika's new puppy, Saya and I went and checked out Glebe Markets. 

Nitrogen mixed milo gelato! Tastes better then N2.

Here are some of my purchases from the market and from a spirituality store on Glebe point road which I have forgotten the name of. 
Christmas with Elvis, Johnny Cash and Stevie Nicks on vinyl
Anti stress incense and some vanilla incense cones
Incense holder
Some soy melts
From the shop I bought some weight loss tea that tastes great!
A soy wax burner
And a Ganesh staute. I saw it, it was purple, I had to have it.

I think it was a very successful trip to the markets.

Mary's Burgers or McDonalds?

I went on a #datenight with Luke to Newtown. We decided to check out Mary's as it has so many great reviews. We got their at 6:45pm, it opened at 7pm. We waited in line for 30 min. Then when we finally got inside we were shocked to find out we had to line up again to get food! The line started at the bottom of the stairs. Considering Luke's knee is still in recovery, having to stand this long wasn't great. We waited another 30 minutes on the side of the stairs not being able to talk that much as you pretty much can't hear anything because the music is really that loud.

We were so happy to be finally seated after an hour we pretty much ordered our food as soon as our butts touched the seats. By this time may I also mention we were painfully hungry. We sat and yelled conversation for another 30 minutes waiting for our burgers and chicken. When we finally got our food I can tell you now, we were not impressed. Considering we came to this place because of rave reviews we were kind of shocked. The chicken was good, but I could have gotten it from KFC. The burgers were the real problem. They were disgusting! I am not even exaggerating in the slightest. It literally looked like they had snuck out the back, picked up some McDonald's and repackaged it. Even the fries were the exact same!! 
This burger was put on Urban List as 3rd best burger in Sydney. Do yourself a favour and go to Paul's instead. They are the best burgers in not just Sydney, but all of NSW hands down. Mary's burgers were disgusting. And considering that's all they do, it was a real shame. Do not recommend. 

On my way to my second graduation in a year!! How many people can say they've done that?! For some reason my short course at Sydney University had a Graduation. We decided to have some fun and get dressed up in case this would be my last graduation ever. (Don't worry it won't be)

Take a moment to appreciate how incredible the above photo is.

My selfie game was feeling strong. The girl sitting next to me at the ceremony complimented my fake eyelash application. I have Kawaii Priestess to thank for that. Anything makeup related, she taught me how to do it.

The two best friends that anyone could have.

After the ceremony, I got v. tipsy on free wine and had stole some sandwiches. We then went and had some sushi for dinner down the road. After dinner Saya took us to this amazing bookshop that I basically fell in love with at first sight.

Could spend hours in this magical place.

Me being a little tipsy off free red wine.

And we then ended the night with a celebratory froyo. Life is good. 

When your boyfriend buys the same shirt as you. Pretty lucky to be in love with my best friend. Going to miss him so much when I go to Japan!


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