Paige & New Years

Hope you had a lovely Birthday Isabella!

Spent Boxing Day in bed with Sass reading Gone Girl. Pretty sure I literally spent the whole day doing this, and I ain't even mad.

Bed days are the best days.

My baby girl came back in to my life and I couldn't be happier! Paige, the ultimate babe I met at Splendour came to Sydney for the weekend. She lives in Melbourne, but her dad lives here which is kind of awesome! She may have only been here for the weekend, but I had an amazing time with her.

We went to Thai at Miranda for dinner. And then we went to Carmen's which we found out was closed. So we went home. Went for a walk around Illawong and met up with Lani. Dean then lent us a skateboard, so we rode that around Illawong for a while. When we got home we thought it would be a good idea to try stick and poke tattoos... it was.

This is the contraption that the internet told us to put together to make a stick and poke tattoo. We then used pen ink (not what you should do) and then got poking. We decided to do our star signs. Mine is Aries and hers is Gemini, so they were pretty straight forward. It was so much fun. I then found out later that she didn't have any other tattoos. I DID HER FIRST TATTOO! Bonded for life.

This was how our tattoos looked after the first night. We planned to buy some proper ink and try it again before she left. 

Feeding the friendly lorikeets at Luke's house.

I took her to Cronulla with Luke. It would have been such a nice day if it wasn't so windy. At least the wind looks cool in photos.

My new two chillies, slightly risque bikini bottoms. Now I just got to work on dat booty. Here's a before shot.

Wish I could do this with Paige all day every day. Missing her so much.

We are actually full time models.

These are our tattoos after we redid them. We bought ink from an art shop. So probably still wasn't good to use but it turned out a lot better the second time. Can't wait to redo these when Paige comes to visit again. Looking at these photos makes me miss her so much.

My eye bag game is so strong. What is sleep?

Dreaming of shades

I spent my New Years Eve at one of Luke's friend's houses. It was extremely average compared to the amazing NYE we had with Saya and Mika last year, but it was still a good night.

To be honest I was in a pretty bad place over Christmas and New Years Eve. I was pretty down at the time. But I am feeling a lot better now. Leaving it all behind in 2014. Let go or be dragged. Happy New Year!


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