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Treat yo Bonsai's (UPDATE: my bonsai has died R.I.P I am actually so upset, I loved that tiny tree)

Just a few of the lovely things I got for Christmas from Lani and Luke's parents. 
Smashbox Mascara - Didn't love it at first, but now can't live without it.
Hope in a Jar Moisturiser - Loved it to death, will buy more. Such soft skin.
Smashbox Gel Eyeliner - Better then MAC and cheaper, win win
Hapuna Argan Hair Oil - Staple in my life. I prefer it to Morrocan Oil as it doesn't stain your hair.
Nars Illuminate "Orgasm" - Such a staple for highlighting.
Organic Green tea wellness - Tastes great and makes you feel great
T2 New York Breakfast - Can't argue with a killer blend
Apple Crumble T2 - Would eat as is if I could
And my favourite of all, Pure Tan Pure Moisture Coconut Oil - I use it every day and it is ridiculously amazing. You can feel your skin drinking it up. Have stopped using all other body moisturisers. I have even started using this on my face and it has surprisingly not made me break out or anything. Recommend 10/10!

Happy Birthday Hannah, hope you had a stunning night. It was so great seeing my forever sister again. All through high school we were always asked if we were sisters, and to be honest I always considered her as the sister I never had. 

Teapots at World Bar are always a good idea. To be honest I haven't been there in probably like five years. The Cross has really quietened down lately. It's a little sad.

I don't post things like this often, but lately I have been working really hard in the gym and taking care of what I eat. And after months of doing my 8 min ab workouts I am finally seeing a little bit of progress and I am overjoyed. It's a shame that I will most likely lose all this progress in Japan. But this gives me motivation to get back to this and to keep going when I get home. Going to work all winter for that Summer 2015/16 body.

Polish Family Christmas came around again. It's basically a big BBQ we have at our house with family and family friends. It always ends up being half Polish and half Australian and I love it. This is more Christmas to me then actual Christmas because everyone gets together and it's just a really great time. Plus the food is amazing!

Speaking of food, been really in to fruit lately. I am seriously eating so much. I just can't get over how good summer fruit is!!

Started a new job at Hello Fresh with Sahra from the Fashion Institute. I really love it and it's close to Central so it works really well with Uni. The people are amazing and it's so refreshing not having to stand in one spot all day. Plus it promotes a healthy and fresh lifestyle and I am all for that.

And then I went out with the girls and got silly. We took Marta out to Old Joe's in Cronulla and it was a great night. Marta is a family friend from Poland who is staying at my house for a month.

The next day we took Marta to Salmon Haul. It was such a beautiful day.

After Salmon Haul we got lunch at Mad Mex and then the girls went home. I took Marta down to Darook and we baked on the rocks for a while.

Summer's nearly over. Make the most of it while you can.


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