Field Day

Field day, may as well just call it what it is, the Hangover Festival. Plus it was ridiculously hot, those two things just did not work well together. But surprisingly it was still a really good day. 

Just throwin some cliche festival girl poses. Spent the morning meeting up with everyone at Kurt's and then somehow got to the festival in how hungover states.

To be honest I don't remember that much of the day. All I remember was trying to find shade and keep hydrated. I don't remember who we watched, I do rememeber eating nachos and chips on a stick though. Priorities, am I right?

When the sun started to go behind the buildings the day got a lot more bearable.

Ran in to old mate AJ which was nice. This was us for majority of the day, sitting down. Luke's knee was still dodgy and Kurt hurt his back so we didn't partake in much dancing.

It was a great day though. A perfect way to spend a hangover, with your best friends chilling outside listening to some killer beats. Wouldn't have wanted this year to start any other way. Thankyou to everyone who made it a great day.

Luke's parents went away for a few weeks so we were playing roommates for a while. One night he asked me to come over to his for dinner. When I came over I was absolutely blown away. Alt J, red wine, candles and tacos, I couldn't think of a more beautiful night. 

I am an extremely lucky girl to have someone so caring in my life. Love you forever babes. Thankyou for making me feel special every moment we are together. 


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