Australia Day

Can you feel that warm sensation rippling through your veins? That's pride. Feel that tingling sensation up and down your arm? That's green and gold coursing through your veins. Feel that slight annoyance at people on the bus being obnoxiously loud and drunk? That's Australia Day. Can you feel it!? I can't say I am all about that National Pride thing. It's great to love your country and everything. I just don't feel that we need to celebrate being born in a particular place in the world. I prefer to think of myself as belonging to the human race, not any one in particular. But that's just me. And that is why it is so ironically delicious that I held an Australia day "party/ gathering" at my house. To me Australia Day is just a great day to hang out with your friends and listen to amazing music all day. Happy Hottest 100 day everyone! High should have come first!

Unlike myself, my boyfriend kills it in the Australia uniform. Notice the socks and thongs combo. LOVES IT.

No good party is complete without a few rounds of the best game ever invented.

And yet I will always remember Australia Day 2015 as the day we tried to teach Kurt how to fart. SPOILER: He still can't. It breaks my heart every day.

Just teaching Marta our Australian ways.

It was a pretty great day/ night. During the night we walked up to the oval and watched the fireworks. We sat slightly too close, it was all kinds of dangerous but it was totally worth it. We then spoke to the guys who were running the fireworks and they gave us some cold pizza. It was a great day!

Just a random photo of a shop in Padstow that I kind of want to live in.

The weekend I left for Japan Luke and I met up with Nicole and Ned for a super cute, food coma inducing, Mexican double date. 

We ate way too much.

We then met up with Saya, Yol, and Gen at Cronulla RSL for more drinks. But can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this photo is. Kind of can't deal with how much love is in one photo, frankly it's melting my heart.

How not to take a group photo.

Sorry Luke, you got blurred.

After Cronulla RSL we went to Old Joe's for some more liquids and a boogie. Whilst watching the girls dance I saw this monstrosity on the dance floor and had to take a photo. 

This is how not to do balayage hair. You are doing it so, so, so wrong. My eyes are bleeding. Seriously I just can't get over that hair. 
ANYWAY... spent the rest of the weekend getting packed for Japan and spending as many seconds as possible with Luke. And next thing I knew Saya and I were on a plane heading to Japan!! Look forward to telling you all about it when I get back. Also I got in to University, not sure if I mentioned that previously. I will be majoring in French Studies at Sydney University. Holla at me HERE if you go here, study French or just feel like chatting. 


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