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I have been extremely busy lately and am trying as hard as I can to get my blog up to date before I leave for Japan on the 2nd February. I am so ridiculously excited!! Lots to update on so here it goes. Expect a lot of posts in the next couple of weeks. 

This is my dress up for a mexican party that one of the boys from Splendour had for his 21st. As you know I am an avid Simpson's fan so as my neck tattoo I decided to write "Santos.L.Halper". That's mexican enough right?

Having a lot of fun with makeup lately. Never even used to use eyeshadow, now I am playing with eyelashes and everything! Lani (Kawaii Priestess) taught me everything I know.

The Splendour family somehow fitting into a polaroid. Love them all so much. Such beautiful humans.

Post party selfies

So many 21sts polaroids and photobooth pictures. Happy to have finally changed my wallet.

Before baby got her tail bitten and nearly lost it. More on that later.

My average shop.

Such a beautiful little american bulldog puppy at the pet shop. 

Ok so I have been completely obsessed with horror movies lately. I don't know why, considering I used to hate horror. But now it's pretty much all I watch. I figured out recently that my favourite genre is "torture porn". Which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Here is a list of movies I have watched recently, that if you are in to horror/ gore then I suggest you watch. In order from best to not as good but still worth watching for the weirdness.

House of the devil - Not so much gore but an extremely well made suspense horror movie. Made to look like it was made in the 70's and is one of my favourites.
Martyrs - Bit of a brain melting gore fest. (French)
Frontier(s) - Extremely slow beginning but once you get past that it's pretty messed up. (Also French)
REC - Another one of my favourite horror genres is found footage, and this is a great example. REC 2 is a great sequel as well. REC 3 is not a sequel and I haven't seen it. But apparently REC 4 is out now and it's a sequel to REC 2. I know it doesn't seem to make any sense. (Spanish)
Hostel series - Absolutely loved these movies. Can't believe I hadn't seen them sooner! I love that in each movie you find out more and more. I don't like sequels that don't follow the same story but instead are just an identical plot in different settings.
I spit on your grave - Ultimate revenge gore movie
Tusk - Just a real messed up movie. Found out after that it was comedy sort of.  

That's all I can remember for now.

Books to read:

Gone Girl - Either watch the movie or read the book. Because one is going to ruin the other one for you. I prefer book because books are always better then the movie. But in saying that I really did enjoy this movie. It was just a shame that I already knew all the plot twists that were coming up. Such a good read.

Jaycee Dugard "A Stolen Life" - Such a heartbreaking story but an eye opening read. This is the story of Jaycee, a girl who was kidnapped on her way to school one morning when she was 11 years old, and then spent the next 18 years living with her kidnapper.

The five people you meet in heaven - A really well written story that makes you reflect on your own life. Completely not religious otherwise I probably wouldn't have read it. More spiritual if anything. 


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