At the Races

After two years of trying to get our shit together, Luke and I finally made it to the races. We picked the first Saturday after our cruise to attend the Moet & Chandon event at the Royal Randwick. 

Note to self: Buy a new pair of heel. These are literally the only heel I have that don't look like converses or creepers with heels. The dress I splurged on (over $100) before the cruise is from Sportsgirl. I am really loving white at the moment.

Had so much fun doing my makeup that day. Spent the whole morning practising new techniques that my best friend Lani taught me. She is my personel MUA, but you can use her too if you like. She has a facebook page and instagram @KawaiiPriestess if you would like to check out her other work. 

Me being a fish

My efforts in contouring.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Maybe a bit too hot if anything. We spent majority of the day inside, with me and Luke coming out to watch the races. 

I ended the day up $175 which was pretty fantastic! I had spent my day putting $2.50 each way on horses that were paying between $14-$25. My highest win in a race was $68. I beat Luke for the day. But I lost the last race which is what I had the most money on for the day ($20).

It was a pretty average day. Getting dressed up, day drinking and betting on horses if fun, but its a bit boring altogether. I wouldn't make the effort to go more then once a year. It is a fun experience, but maybe not my thing.  

Shameless selfies on the way to the beach with my babes. Weekends end too quickly.

Had a really long week at work and I can't express how amazing it felt to just let it all go and sink deep in to the bubbles. Exfoliating all the work gross off with my favourite bath time companion, Frank Body.

Had the cutest little dinner with this babe Nicole Millar. Thai at Cronulla, ordering way too much food as always. Love our little catch ups, even if they can't happen very often because she is always so busay with her music. Can't tell you how excited I am for her to finally release her EP!

My One and Two year anniversary presents from@lukesharkey23 the ring was this year and the watch was last year. I can't express how happy I feel when I wear them ❤️❤️ also my new OPI nailpolish "significant other colour" is amazing!

Happy November

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