21sts/ halloween feat makeup by Kawaii Priestess

It's been a while so I am going to attempt a real quick catch up this week to try and start the new year being as up to date as possible. During October- November I had over 9 21st's in a couple of weekends. I had only had a couple the entire year! It was pretty intense but extremely fun. Especially considering that most of them were dress up (they are my favourites). Above is my makeup for Saya's 21st that Lani did for me, also known as Kawaii Priestess. She also has instagram and tumblr.

Saya's makeup was also done by Lani but we forgot to take a decent photo of the eyes. V goth.

Also if I forgot to mention, the theme of Saya's party was goth. It was a great time.

I said a speech, I threw up right after. One of my biggest fears is public speaking. But I think I am getting better.

This was makeup I did for Kieran's 21st. I have learnt so much from Lani over the past year. I never even really bothered with eyeshadow. But now I'm contouring and everything! I mostly use M.A.C, Australia, Benefit, Lime Crime and just Garnier BB cream as foundation.

The Gloria Jean's Family.

This was taken on the train to Kelly's 21st. I have also gotten in to using fake eyelashes which I never ever used unless I needed them for dancing or modelling. Was way too lazy to do my hair this night though.

At this point in time I was really exhausted and not in the mood to be dressing up fancy and socialising.

The theme of this party was black and white. Kelly wore this incredible Camilla dress and just looked dazzling. My favourite people above.

Ran in to an old friend, the stunner Haylee. It was lovely catching up even if it was only for a little bit.

The night went really well until I had to get the cab to pull over off the M5 to vomit outside because I get the worst carsickness in cabs. But other then that it was a lovely night.

For Halloween/ Lani's 21st/ Madi's 21st I decided to dress up old hollywood glamour which was Madi's theme. But I added a little Macabre twist. I did my makeup and mum helped me with my victory rolls. I actually love victory rolls! I would do them all the time if they weren't so high maintenance. 

Madi's was at Crane Bar Sydney and it was a stunning affair. The decorations and food were great and of course Madi looked ridiculously beautiful. I spent the night chatting with Gen, her boyfriend Nick and Lauren until I left around 10pm to head to Lani's.

Felt so out of place walking around King's Cross with all the girls being half naked.

Fake blood everywhere! I met up with Rick and headed to the bar we were meeting Lani. The walk was longer then expected and this night was ridiculously hot and humid. At the bar I felt pretty off, so we went and sat on the rooftop, but it didn't help much. I went to get a drink at the bar by myself. When I was ordering I started to feel quite dizzy. I remember thinking "I wonder if I can eat that apple behind the bar" and "I am really thirsty I should get some water". Next thing I know I am falling. A security guard caught me somehow. And whilst on the floor I fainted again. I had only had two drinks the entire night! He took me outside where I sat for at least 5 minutes trying to get my brain to work again.

So I ended up having to leave the venue, which was fine because I was pretty keen to go home anyway. Lani had still not arrived so we went and waited in some random place for her to arrive.

I was happy I got to see Lani for her birthday night, even if I wasn't able to spend the whole night with her.

These aren't even all of the 21st's! There are more coming. So ridiculous. October and November are really popular months of birth it seems.


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