Dog appreciation post

After many years of being a dog owner/ lover/ enthusiast I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in the world that makes me happier then a dog's love. There is just nothing like it. It is the purest, most unconditional type of love you will ever find. My dog and I have a bond that no one will ever understand. We are best friends/ soulmates/ twins and everything in between. The universe worked in some mysterious way and made sure that we would find eachother and thank god we did, I would be lost without her in my life. Don't get me wrong, I love my golden retriever Missy also, but Sassie is my everything. 

Ok back to these adorable puppies. All I have wanted to do pretty much this whole year is find a breeder and go and visit the puppies, just to play with puppies for an afternoon. Turns out a close family friend of ours had a litter of chocolate labrador puppies. Luckily they were all sold before I went to visit otherwise I would have most likely taken one home.

I find puppies to be such a powerful form of anti depressant. Look in to a puppies eyes and I will guarantee you that you will forget about the troubles in your life, at least for a little while.

I never really thought about it but when I was with these puppies it was so strange not being able to know what their personalities were. I guess that's why I am so bad when it comes to children. It was fun playing with the puppies don't get me wrong. But it was actually so odd not knowing what the differences were between each puppy. I played with them for at least an hour and I just couldn't tell one from the other if it wasn't for those collars. I feel like Sassie was different. The day we picked her up, she fell asleep on my shoulder on the car ride home and I knew she was different.

Saya and I decided to take our love for dogs to a whole new level and attend the Dog Lovers Show in Sydney. It was actually so worth the $30 entry. Here I am with my spirit animal.

Seriously though, dogs are just the happiest animals. It's so contagious.

Saya and I became completely obsessed with French Bulldogs, more so then we already were. This show actually ruined us in regards to this dog breed. More to come.

For some reason someone decided it would be a good idea to combine a sharpei and a cattledog to create these puppies. As cute as they were, mixing together two of the secretly most aggressive dogs is probably not the smartest idea. This pup actually bit me on the nose, which validates my point. As cute as they were I would not recommend any dog with sharpei or cattledog in the mix.

Neapolitan mastiff, the largest, drippiest dog you will ever encounter.

Baby sassies.

This is the moment I knew I needed one of these babies in my life. They give the most satisfying cuddles. That face melted my heart in a second.

Soon to be like owner like dog.

Going to this show was the best idea Saya and I had had in a very long time. We got so much free food. Like months worth of free food. Toys, treats, everything. I got a whole palette of dog food for free! That was just a sample pack they were giving out! This isn't even half of our bags. We had to drop them off to the car halfway through the day because it was all becoming too much to carry.

Walked through the little markets on the way back to the dog show.

Became ridiculously obsessed with this terrariums which I will own one day.


And I end this post with one of many of Denzel (Saya's dog) and my bonding experiences. Dogs rule, cats drool etc etc.


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