Miley Cyrus Bangerz

After what felt like a lifetime, it was finally the night of Bangerz! I can't even tell you how excited we were. I love Miley and this show was definitely on my live music bucket list.

We didn't catch the Faderz but we did arrive in time to see Lolawolf play. Actually loved her so much. She was so sassy and she had the best booty. #goals

Fan girls forever.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this show was. Even if you hate Miley and you can't stand her music, you could not deny that she put on a killer performance. The amount of preparation and effort that went in to Bangerz was just incredible and it really showed. I loved all of the projections, they were so entertaining and ridiculous. 

During the performance she would walk around the stage and pick up all the various things that people threw at her. She would try and wear everything at once. For some reason people kept throwing headbands with dicks on them, so at one point during the show she had 3 dick headbands on. 

Outfit change selfies

10/10 would do if my dog passed away. Such a beautiful tribute to the passing of her little pup Floyd. 

She performed a lot of covers and killed every single one of them. I really don't know how to put this show in to words, it really was just so incredible. Hopefully the photos can give you some idea of how amazing it was.

Miley did two/ three encores. The first of which you obviously knew the show wasn't finished but for some reason so many people left? The first encore was "We can't stop" and after that so many people left even though she hadn't played Wrecking Ball. And I knew from looking at photos that she would be playing Party in the USA. Even after she played Wrecking ball so many people left. If the lights don't come on, the show isn't over. Come on people!


Do My Thang 
Can't Be Tamed 
Adore You 
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 
(The Beatles cover)
Rooting for My Baby 
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go 
(Bob Dylan cover)
Summertime Sadness 
(Lana Del Rey cover)
(Dolly Parton cover)
(Mike Will Made-It cover)
On My Own 
Someone Else 

Encore 2:
Party in the U.S.A. 

Each encore was more spectacular then the last. She ended her Bangerz show with a killer performance of Party in the USA. It was actually a little strange seeing new Miley performing old Miley songs. She performed Can't be Tamed and I was actually so not sure the whole time.

"Thanks for cumming"

I will treasure this forever as one of my top live performances. So happy I got to tick Miley off my Live Music Bucket List.


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