Kirstie Clements / Wednesday's at The Soda Factory

Last week we at The Fashion Institute were lucky enough to have Ex Vogue editor/ author of "The Vogue Factor" Kirstie Clements as a guest speaker. The class was packed, I sat on a desk there were no seats left. It was such a great inspiration hearing her life's story, she gave us such an amazing insight into the fashion industry and the world of Vogue. Magazines have never been my forte, I'm more a creative I guess. 

Words of wisdom that I took home from that class:

"You can't be all things to all people"

"Anarchy is a good thing"

"Stay true to who you are"

"Do quality work, the profits will come later"

"A spark of talent needs to be left to breathe, otherwise it will just be smothered."

And my favourite

"Paris refreshes the soul"

After class I got drinks with Sahra before we met up with Nicole after she finished acting class. I lost my umbrella at the Clock hotel, which by the way has a lovely outdoor courtyard. We then met up with Nicole at 9:30 and headed to The Soda Factory. I had been dying to check this place out ever since Nicole told me about it. Stu Larson was playing that night which was fantastic news to Sahra who had seen him multiple times when he played for Passenger. 

The room had such a homely feel to it, fold out chairs, lounges, hipsters sprawled out comfortably on the floor. I fell in love with this place at first site.

Before seeing Stu play we got talking to a lady outside who knew him and was telling us stories about him and her general life. She had been in the music industry for 30 something years and was in general a very friendly lady. When we went inside she called us over to come sit with her. It was such a beautiful atmosphere. I felt that all we needed was pillows and blankets to make a cute little sleepover party. 

I felt that this kind of environment screamed out for a cider. Although this cider was a bigger let down then Lindsey Lohan's acting career. I can't remember what it was called and this horrible photo is not helping out in any way. But if you can decipher what the fuzzy label says, don't get it. Tastes like rotten apples, and nobody wants that. 

That woman I previously mentioned previously came out whilst we were having a smoke and exclaimed how she had thought we had left. She pretty much dragged us back inside to meet him. We spoke to him a lot longer then we realised. It was 2am when we left. We really lost track of time. 

Sneaky stage snaps

Nicole actually is a singer, a pretty amazing one at that.
You can check out her stuff on her Facebook Page.

Here are some videos of her work

(Official Video)

By the way if you can't find the entrance, this is it!

Love my fellow adventurers Nicole & Sahra <3

We got there too late for this which I was devastated to see when I got there. But every Wednesday night the have Pulp Kitchen. My love for Tarantino and food together at last. Check out more at their Facebook Page.

See you next week at The Soda Factory.


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  1. this looks like such fun, I saw stu at passenger too, he is one talented guy! x