Skyy Live Full Volume

Thursday night I attended an event for Skyy Vodka with my partner in crime Nicole Millar. The event was titled "Live Full Volume"and took place at the Ivy Pool. 2 hours, 3 delicious cocktails to choose from, and some amazing beats provided by The Faders. Not to mention the enormous photobooth, but we'll get to that in a bit. The Ivy looked pretty stunning decked out in blue.

For a while Nicole and I stood in a corner and just danced like fools because we didn't really know what to do. Everyone seems to go to these events in packs. We did some laps and spent a pretty long time people watching/ waiting in line at the bar. 

These cocktails were definitely worth the wait! We used the extra time trying to determine which bartender was the cutest. The competition was pretty fierce. 

The outfit you wear when you have no clothing and have to play with old things you found at vintage shops.

Top / Vintage
Skirt / Cotton On
Bag / Vintage
Socks /  Big W
Shoes /  Payless

I have no idea who that person is behind me.

After being spotted trying to take selfies in front of the pool a kind gentleman offered to take them for us. We spent a while talking to Luke who then introduced us to his boyfriend Ben and eventually we were in their pack. It may have only been for a short time but it was fun talking to these guys, and we did manage to score an invitation to Ben's party that weekend which we sadly couldn't make it too.

We then spent a bit of our night playing with some giant blue balls.


After causing a ruckus we decided to abandon ship and check out what was going on downstairs. Turns out there was a giant photobooth set up in a room that smelt like wet towels. We stood behind two Irish girls in the line, and a girl in a white jumpsuit took it upon herself to push in front of us, boyfriend included. When we pointed out her wrong doing she turned up her nose and replied "Omg we have been here for like ages!"And after 5 minutes she became impatient and left the line. We became friends with the two Irish girls in front and the pair behind us purely because of this girl in the white jumpsuit. We were basically bonding over our various observations we made of her "interesting" personality. We spent a very long time in this line which was made a lot more enjoyable by the new friends we had picked up along the way. We later witnessed white jumpsuit trying to step inside the roped off line, to be told off by a security guard then having a cry because her friends were in the line and she wasn't. It is such a weird sight seeing a 30 something act like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

The crazy cats you meet

End of the line after almost an hour we were finally ready to get our photos taken.


After we had the photos done we decided we needed fresh air after being in the wet towel room underground for so long. Caught again whilst taking the shameless selfie above, a guy came and sat next to us and we all started chatting. We were getting ready to go home when this guy came out of nowhere and just pulled out a huge deep and meaningful on us. We sat with him for almost 3 hours locked into one of the most intensely interesting conversations I have had of late. I actually had to stop the conversation at around 2am because I had interning the next morning and I annoyingly had to sleep.  But it was such a lovely way to end the night, socialising in it's purest form, talking.

This is Nicole with the photo she took home. 

I should probably get a better photo of my poster but I haven't had the time. How huge are they! Such an interesting souvenir to take home from an event. 

Thankyou Skyy Vodka and the Trish Nicol Agency for the amazing night. 

We definetly lived to the fullest of our volumes.


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