Autumn Fair

The other week I went to my high school's Autumn Fair. I know it's not fashion related but it was fun.

Looking ridiculous in:
Top/ Sportsgirl
Jeans/ Primark
Shoes/ Portobello Markets. London
Jacket/ New Look
Sunglasses/ Temt

Side Note - How drop dead gorgeous is Miley looking on the latest issue of Cosmo?!

These are just a couple of photos of my High School. I don't have any before shots to compare it to but it's still pretty funky for a high school classroom set up. The tables come apart, there are lounges, swivel chairs, and an awful lot of colour. 

Oh and did I mention my high school now has a gym, spin class included. I wish I went there now. #fitspiration 

I am a sucker for a high school fete. Pony rides, cupcakes, pre-loved sales and carnival food. Inaburra really went above and beyond this year with their fete. The highlight was definitely the delicious array of cars on display. 

My personel favourite.

They set up this adorable little "Tea room" in the canteen. It was such a lovely set up. 

It's crazy how much things can change in a couple of years.
New Boyfriend, new experiences, new friends, new bedroom, new job, same teeny angst. 


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  1. aww it looks lovely, my school looks like such a hole compares to this! x