Georgia Come Back

A few weeks ago this beautiful lady came back into my life if only for a short time, and was sadly gone in a flash back to London. If you are familiar with my blog, you will know that I spent last year in London and was a big mess until I found my rock Georgia. I found G on tumblr (also where I found my pen pal Bambi) and saw that she had also moved from Sydney to London all by herself. We met one day for coffee in Soho and it was as if we had been Best Friends all along. Since that day London felt like home.

G actually lived only a couple of suburbs away from me. It was quite surreal finding this out. We also had a multitude of mutual friends on facebook. Life works in mysterious ways. I feel that we were destined to meet. I was so happy to see G again. I am really at a loss for words in describing to you how it felt when she left, this time it was her leaving me and I miss her everyday. I hope you come back soon, for good.

We met up at Cronulla for coffee, then Nicole joined us and we sat for hours catching up on everything. Please excuse the excess in photos. They all make me too happy.

I really like what they did with South Cronulla beach, it looks really nice, the new boardwalk and tanning place near the rocks. 

We had the most beautiful morning walking along the beach, down past Shark Island. It was a perfect day.

Unluckiest. First parking fine/ any type of fine ever! We literally just lost track of the time. It was a bit of a damper on the whole day. I dropped G back to where she was staying and later that night went back to Cronulla to see her and her friends with Luke. We got Crust pizza for dinner and then headed to Northies for some drinks. 

G sleeping at her own party.

These are all the photos G, tell me which ones you want to stay up etc. <3

G I miss you so much. I miss our catch ups at Camden Lock, getting silly with cheap bottles of wine, meeting up for lunch at cute cafes, milkbar, spontaneous adventures, taking photos in the park, living with you, but most of all I miss you in your entirety. I hope London treats you well for the remainder of your stay and I hope you have some killer adventures in America. I love you forever and a day, stay safe and hopefully will be seeing you again soon.

Check out more of G's adventure's and the one's soon to be had at oneminutemore

Love you Baby 


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  1. Awwww! It is always wonderful when we're able to reconnect with our loves, but horrendous when they have to leave again! I was like that with my roommate when I lived in Paris! She moved back to the states, then I moved back to the states and a week after I was home, I traveled across the country to see her again!

    Looks like you certainly made the best of your limited time together!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :