Ixiah Media Launch

Shop 'til You Drop in collaboration with 100 Squared Emerging Designer Market and Westfield Sydney announced Ixiah as the winner of the Emerging Designer Search. Last week I attended the Media Launch to celebrate the success of Krystel Davis and her baby label Ixiah. We were treated to a viewing of the new Winter Collection, C Cocunut water and the cutest of cupcakes. 

I didn't take my camera because of the poor weather outside. It's a good thing I didn't though, there was barely room enough to move, let alone take photos with a huge SLR. All the photos were taken with my iPhone and I apologize for the poor quality but it wasn't the greatest lighting and there wasn't much time to focus a photo before getting bumped in another direction. I liked the event, I'm just not one for unnecessary crowds. 

A few of the new pieces on display. Loved the long white dress and the gold center design. 

Two of the majestic giraffe models wandering around the event. Completely obsessed with the styling, makeup and jewellery. 

I looked like a dag to be honest but I wasn't in the mood to dress up. Just one of those days.

The food looked good, I didn't have any though so I can't really give you an accurate review. I have enough trouble eating alone in my room let alone in public, I'm a right mess. Especially when it comes to pastries. 

We were gifted a $50 voucher to be used at the event which I was actually so excited about, until I saw the garments came with over $300 price tags. They were worth the money, I just didn't have it.

This was one of the pieces I was dying to get. Geometrically detailed sheer long sleeve button up, with gorgeous cut outs on the back. There was also an amazing bomber jacket but I wasn't able to get a photo of it. 

Outfit detail, one of the models. 

Always a pleasure bumping into this stunner Rochelle Fox from a Fox that Meows, who looked like an absolute Greek Goddess wearing Ixiah.

The cutest cupcakes with the most delicious icing.

After the event I popped into Zara for a look-see and fell in love with this gorgeous bag. I wish I had money. Life would be great.

Sneaky streetstyle photo I took whilst walking to the station. Such a great outfit!

Don't forget to check out Ixiah's facebook page HERE.


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