Finders Keepers pt.2

I know I have been awfully slow on the blogging circuit these past few weeks and I do apologize. Basically I have been working my butt off to save money for the next two weeks. My pen pal Bambi is coming over from Perth and I will finally meet her after 4 years of being best friends. It is all a bit surreal. And I have just been so tired and worn out all the time. But I have finally pulled myself together to publish my second instalment of the photos I took at the Finders Keepers Markets at the beginning of the month. Included are some photos of my Boyfriend Luke and I considering this was how we celebrated our 8 month anniversary. 

I am going to tell you a story which is completely unrelated to this blog post but was super cute and it seems a little silly to make a whole blog post about it, but I really want to share it with you because it was just so great. Basically I was having a really awful week last week and Luke told me on Tuesday night if I went straight to sleep and didn't stay up late as usual playing on my phone, that he would take me to sushi train on Thursday night. So come Thursday we are on our way to sushi train and in my head I have already promised myself that this will make the awful week so much better, that I will sit in a booth with Luke and we will have a super cute date night. Turns out my sushi train that I used to go to all the time before London is now a prime spot in Sutherland, and the new rule is that if you can only sit in a booth if you are in a group of 3 or more. I have to admit I was quite stubborn and I did argue, mainly because I was looking straight at two people sitting in a booth and that it wasn't that busy. I was more then willing to wait. The thing is that I am one of those people that can absorb awful things on a daily basis but I can usually ignore it because there is always something I am looking forward to or something like that. But there is a point where it gets too much and I don't have a gradual release button and basically I can be set off by the smallest most insignificant event, such as not getting a booth. 

After a little while of arguing I caved and agreed to sit in the pheasant seats (I just don't like not being able to look at one another) but I turned to Luke and said "If we are put in the seats at the very front of the train I am probably going to lose it". You guessed it, we were seated at the front. This story may sound so silly and stupid or maybe you can relate. Having so much emotionally riding on something (by your own doing) and then to have things change out of your control. I was just so stressed and upset from the week I had been having that I sat down and started tearing up a little. Obviously the manager lady saw because we were seated at the front she came over and leant down asking if I was ok and sincerely apologising for me having a tantrum. 

I don't really understand what happened but something clicked and it turned from trying to just get me to sit down to cheering me up. She told me she recognised me because I had gone there so many times (how embarrassing). One thing led to another, we were standing again, we waited another 10min, we were seated at a booth. We were served our waters and given time to get comfortable when the manager came over again to see if I was ok. I thanked her and told her I was happy. And she asked me if I would be coming again. I replied with of course. And then she did something so unexpected, she said "promise?" and held out her hand with her pinky presented. SHE WANTED TO ME TO PINKY PROMISE HER that I would come back to my favourite sushi train. We pinky swore. And it made all the difference. What started out as an awful night due to my tantruming ended up being exactly what I needed. This probably looks really silly an unnecesary from your point of view but surely we have all had that moment where we are just so fed up because nothing seems to be going right and everything is falling apart and you just want to run up on to a rooftop and scream "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE!". This was my moment and the kind soul who made everything better.

Sadly it was a rainy Saturday which really put a wet blanket on the plans for the night. We had planned to go to Opera Bar and check out the vivid lights but instead we settled for a Mexican fiesta in Surry Hills. We started at Mexico Food & Liquor although decided it was too upmarket and fancy so had a couple of drinks there then headed to my favourite, El Loco.

Mexico has some amazing interior decoration going on though.

Good old El Loco, and their infamous hotdogs. If you haven't already been to this amazing place I highly recommend going there and get crazy. I have dreams about their hotdogs, is that weird? There is just something in them that makes life great. We ended another perfectly unplanned anniversary night with Messina salted peanut and a sleepy eyed train ride home.

Sorry again for the lack of posts. 


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  1. Amazing pictures! I love your blog :)