Peroxiding myself

I have only let a hairdresser colour my hair once before, and it was when I was 12 and thought blonde foils would be a god idea, they weren't. I think half the fun of changing your hair colour is doing it yourself. Because at least if you stuff it up it will make your hair unique and not just another hairdresser casualty. A lot of people have asked me how I did my hair. I first balayaged my hair in year 11, back then I didn't know what it was called I just thought it looked cool and my best friend had peroxide and we were drunk and it seemed like a good idea. But to be fair everything seems like a good idea in times of drunkeness. This however worked out quite well and ever since I have kept this hair.

Well over time my hair grew out and whilst in London I decided to redo my tips. But sadly this time I wasn't drunk and my best friend was on the other side of the world. Here is a simple step by step guide on how I did my hair.

1. Buy the lightest bleaching product you can find. And I bought silver blonde hair dye, it was called colour foam and it was my first time trying it. But buy whatever colour you want for your particular hair.

2. Mix the bleach, following the instructions on the packet. This stuff could bring down a large bear so make sure your bathroom has windows and that they are as open as possible. When applying I just basically combed the bleach through my hair with my fingers. It's not a professional technique, and I have no idea about the party that's happening at the back of my head but it's what I do.

3. Dry your hair. Then go to the drugstore and buy some toner and tone that badboy hair out.

4. I ended up re-doing this whole process before I left London because I wasn't happy with the orange tinge. It takes a couple of tries and it will never be perfect straight off the bat but you just have to jump into the deep end of the peroxide pool. You may be pleasantly surprised with how you look when you come out on the other end. Also I used Fudge silver toning foam, Dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner and Moroccan oil to look after my hair.

5. Get drunk and go out

6. Take silly drunk selfies when you get back

Hope you enjoyed my guide on peroxide.

With Love from London

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