Brighton day 3

Our adventure was coming to an end, it was our last day in Brighton. And I was definitely not excited to leave this eccentric little beachy town to return to good ol' cold and soggy London. We started our day wandering around looking for somewhere to eat. Turns out it's a lot easier when you have locals with you who know good places rather then just indecisively wandering around for an hour very, very hungry. 


It sort of reminds me of Bondi, I mean Bondi has proper sand but both places are filled with health junkies, spiritual beings, vegans and organics. It's a very health conscious little town. Looking back now, I don't even know if they have a McDonald's there. 

One of our options for breakfast. Instead we had a vegan burrito and it was actually amazing! I don't know what was in there, but I still can't believe it wasn't meat, it just tasted so good.

My favourite type of illustrations, real objects drawn and made to look cuter then they actually are.

I just read this sign and apparently they have sweet tobacco. Now I am regretting not checking it out. I don't understand the vegetarian sweets though. Since when do sweets have meat in them?

G left me at this charming little cafe while she went to have her tarot read to see if she could make sense of herself. I sat with my soy chai vanilla latte looking over my arms at my various tramp stamps I received the night before. Dear Simon Youngman and Freddie Hinkley cheers for the drawings.

G came back and we headed back towards the central lanes where we were meeting with Sarah, one of the girls I met in Paris, for froyo.

Pomegranate froyo is delicious! 

Reuniting with my American friend from Santa Barbara. Was pretty cool seeing her again. Made me miss Paris though.

Nothing too exciting happened this day, we were both pretty worn out. This crazy little town had really taken it out of us. Sarah walked us to the train station and we hopped on and headed home. It was so sad leaving Brighton, it really was such an amazing weekend for only 3 days. Can't wait to revisit it one day, hopefully when I have a bit of disposable income to spare. I Love Brighton <3

With love from Brighton

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