Brighton Day 1

It has been a while (again) and to be honest I have no real excuse other then I was just trying to detox from the internet and figure out what life is like outside my macbook. I have been doing a lot of re-evaluating of my life and trying to discover a clean cut direction with no loopholes or branches into the unknown on which to put my life career on, so far no real answers. And to be honest I have been procrastinating doing nothing, I didn't even know this was possible. I have been doing things like rearranging and cleaning my room, reading books, exercising, anything really to avoid facing the real world, it all feels a bit dejavu of this time last year and studying for exams. Basically to sum up my life right now...I need a day job desperately. 

But that is now and this is then. I have a story to continue of my overseas trip, which I would love to be able to have finished and caught up to my real current day life by the end of the year. This story I am telling you all, still doesn't feel like it really happened. It all still feels too good to be true. But without further ado here is another chapter of it .......the spontaneous weekend in Brighton with G.

I had just recently moved into my swanky tiny British apartment at the time and decided my walls needed a bit of decorating so I put up my to do list for the rest of my stay in London. Life had started to become a bit lonely with G working fulltime and my other friends busy graduating and what not I was pretty lonely. Especially coming home to an empty apartment after work with all my friends in Australia sound asleep or just in general trying to keep up with their own busy lives. I met up with G on friday afternoon for coffee. We used to always go to Milkbar, the first cafe we had ever gone to together and the one that had been my favourite ever since. We were confronted with some pretty sobering news that our beloved cafe had been closed for refurbishment and remodelling. I am sad to say I was never able to have my last coffee here before I came home.

On the plus side I was able to introduce G to Joe and the Juice. We had both come to a point in our lives where everything seemed flat and lifeless, there were boy dramas, the weather was soggy and nothing exciting had happened for a while so we both decided to go on a spontaneous weekend escape to Brighton. We parted and met up a couple of hours later at the station each with clothing and alcohol and there began our refreshing adventure.  

We arrived in Brighton an hour and a half later, slightly intoxicated. The weather was still soddy, but we couldn't care less. I love Brighton. It is the cutest place I have ever been. I am obsessed with the pastel houses and the arty farty crafty shops. The problem with spontaneous trips is that not everyone takes them, most people book in advance, you know things like hostels. So we had to waste a couple of hours and a fair bit of money getting a room for a couple of nights. Word of advice, book ahead... especially in summer. 

G getting directions 

Love these cushions

This is one of the many flying dogs we encountered whilst we were in Btown. I am calling it a flying dog because they are huge. And I mean HUGE! And their size doesn't affect their personalities, they will still steal food right out of your hands it's ridiculous! 

Like he owns the place.

Look at the wheel of the car to bird ratio. 

When I am old or just get really bored for a long period of time I want to move to Brighton for a couple of months and just make things. I wish I had more money to shop when I was here everything was just so gosh darn charming. 

Favourite ever photo of G. I miss her so much :(

Unshowered street money collectors

If you go to Brighton fish and chips is an absolute must. And ask for curry sauce with your chips. 

The hostel we eventually ended up finding a room in was not only the most expensive but also the one that resembled a crack den the most. This place with the definition of dodgy accommodation but as long as we had a bed and a roof and a door, preferably with a lock, we were fine. 

This was the verandah for all the hostel guests. If you look closely behind that pipe on the right is a window, that is the window to our room. And our curtains weren't the greatest. I guess it all just adds to the very weird experience. We sat outside and kicked off some pre drinks before going out that night. Whilst out there a lady came out who told us about her epilepsy brain tumor she has had since 2003 making her unable to look after her own children and about how she lived in Brixton and some guys looking for her boyfriend shot up the apartment so the boyfriend had made a bow and arrow to protect them. It was pretty intense for pre-drinks. She had also had her phone stolen just outside the hostel so she was pretty distraught about that. I like to think this lady thought we were nice, listening to her, but in reality we were just two drunk, "not yet proper adult" girls getting drunk and she probably doesn't even remember being in Brighton let alone ever meeting us. 

Our shithouse room at the Churchill Palace hotel where we had a double bed, and bunk beds!!

Obligatory pre going out selfies 

The first place we went was Sticky Mikes Frog Bar. Which of course didn't have my style of music but we met up with G's friend who I have rudely forgotten his name I apologize, and we made the bartender feel uncomfortable. After this we went to a pub where I went upstairs and sat with a small group who were in a room alone watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony and playing a drinking game which I happily joined in on despite my lack of interest in the actual Olympics. 

In the short time I was upstairs G managed to attract a couple of unseemly fellows. She seemed to do that a lot. I swear she has some sort of boy magnet in her. But basically these boys became stray puppies. I referred to the boys that trailed behind G wherever we went as stray puppies. We left the pub to go to a place called Haunt which was having a 50's night and G's friend was bartending. Some stray puppies followed us, I say us but I had no part in this. I hated them. Before we got to the club I blatantly just told them that we weren't taking them with us. I got called a bitch and other obscenities but truth is I didn't care.

At Haunt I had an amazing time. I played wingman to G and danced with an oaf of a guy but oh lordy I had a whole lot of fun. While the other two were making googly eyes at eachother the oaf(there is no way in hell I could ever remember his name) and I were carving our names into the dance floor hall of fame. You know in Grease where they have the dancing contest and you just sit back and think, "how could anyone ever dance like that?" Well I did and it is so much fucking fun. As much as I dislike this oaf, he sure could dance. I spent my night being thrown in the air and tossed around like a rag doll and it was amazing. But all good things come with a use by date. I didn't realise we had become the RSPCA rescuing stray puppies. They came home with us and I had to share a double bed with the oaf which led to me not getting an ounce of sleep and eventually getting pushed off the bed and sleeping on the floor. Not the best way to end the first night of the Brighton weekend adventure but hey, the dancing was worth it. 

With Love from Brighton 

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  1. A random nobody, living vicariously, enjoying your adventures in life. It seems you enjoy life without regret - bravo! Quite a gift for telling your stories, thank you for sharing openly. Peace & Love from the Emerald City ~ jlt, Seattle WA