Garden Party with G

The day after I bleached my hair my best friend G had a family BBQ at her house. I met her dad for the first time and a lot of other fun characters who I couldn't remember there names now if my life depended on it but it was a lovely day. 

White wine and supplies

Cutest baby 

Reading drunk messages from friends back home in Sydney

Writing a list of things for G to do in Paris.

The weather was oddly perfect and the sky was blue. It really was so lovely getting together and having a good old fashioned family BBQ. To be honest it made me so homesick. I spent most of the day reminiscing about the Woodward/ Zukowska annual family Xmas BBQ that happens in January. I imagined apple salad and getting drunk with L and John the Builder. Watching the family divide with Polish upstairs in the Kitchen and the Australians at the BBQ, and then watching the two sides combine to eat.

I love this garden, it always made me feel like I was Alice in Wonderland and that I would at any moment fall into a rabbit hole. But I think that already happened to me when I went through the security gates at Sydney airport and ended up in London.

That night we played backgammon with the mosquitoes and then we went out clubbing in South Croydon. And I didn't exactly have going out clothing so I went out looking like Minnie Mouse wearing G's clothing that were about 2 sizes too small.

But we had a good night and ended it with some disgusting unspecified street meat. But all in all it was a lovely day.

The photos where taken with G's Nikon, and most of them taken by her. 

With Love from South Croydon, London

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