Brighton Day 2

Woke up the next morning deprived of sleep and a sore back from sleeping on the floor. The stray puppies were still with us and by this time they were definitely overstaying their welcome. I spent my morning looking for a nice place to eat breakfast with 3 hangovers trailing along. I was happily not hungover, I think I sobered up the night before as soon as I found out we had adopted some stray puppies and that they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. You may think I am being mean to these guys but if you had met the guy I had to be in contact with as wingwomen you would understand. I have never been so repeatedly offended by anyone in the same night and then have them steal my bed and send me to the floor. Argh he was just so rude!

And if that's not enough in the morning they ran out and we got caught for having them there. So we had to pay £120 or something ridiculous so we ran out to find them because there was no way in hell we were paying for those rude bastards. Funnily enough we found them. We didn't have their numbers or anything but Brighton is really small..
I am still amazed we had breakfast with them after that scene. They came back and only ended up paying £40 or something which I still don't understand. Oh well moving on, still with the stray puppies by our side.

The old Alice in Wonderland shop 

Anything Reece's and sour jellybellys are my all time favourite.

The greatest longboard ever. 

So ridiculously cute. I wish I had bought the pug.

The current Alice in Wonderland shop which I go in later on.

The 3 hangovers

This is the place we ended up getting breakfast, Bill's http://www.bills-website.co.uk/

The breakfast was amazing. I had eggs benedict with extra bacon, why not we were on holiday. It had pumpkin seeds though which made it slightly healthier I guess..

This is the only nice thing I will say about the strays, they took us to this place and kudos to them for it because it was a great breakfast and I highly recommend it to anyone who decides to go to Brighton. 

I actually saw so many mohawks this year. And not like piss weak ones, like proper punk London scum ones. I didn't think people would still bother but you've got to admit, that's dedication. I can't even begin to imagine how much product they must use to look like they don't care about society. 

Over the top unnecessary props outside shops, this is why Brighton is great. 

Royal Pavilion 

We spent the rest of the morning sitting in this park. It was pretty and the sky had cleared up to make way for a nice day although I was so excited to be in Brighton and wanted to go exploring. I didn't want to laze around in a park all day with 3 hangovers. 

I don't know how we did it, but we finally shook off the stray puppies and started our adventure in Brighton without the extra baggage. The park was quite charming though. 

Just playing with strangers puppies, standard. 

Ragtrade for charity 

The Iron Boot Scrapers, an entertaining addition to the already quirky town.

I feel as if you should be doing shots of tequila out of this teapot

Back at the Alice in Wonderland shop

The lanes <3

This is inside the greatest second hand shop I have ever been in. Photos weren't allowed so the only photos I have are rushed and awkward. The place is basically a huge maze of everything you could ever think to find at a garage sale. All the expensives and valuables are in cabinets in which you go to the assistants and tell them the number of the lock and they bring the key for you. 

I am obsessed with the idea of buying photographs like this. I didn't buy any but I just like to imagine who they belonged to and why they ended up here. Imagine your photos being sold in a second hand shop and everyone looking at them thinking how old they look. 

A present I would buy for Starsh as a joke if I had money

A present I wish I could have bought for L....it sung the Mexican hat song.

The place is called Snooper's Paradise and it really is. If you like vintage, niche, weird, wacky, tacky and just plain wonderful check it out at 7 Kensington Gardens, North Laine.

This is the shop where G had her Tarot read or told or something the next day. I have never had it done and if I had a bit more expendable income I most likely would have. Oh well, one day.

I still can't believe this is the beach. It is actually pretty painful to walk on, especially when you have grown up being accustomed to soft sand. 


The beach was incredible. It felt so unreal. I felt like I was in one of those old fashioned films set in England where they take a trip to the beach with their bathers down to their knees and the children eating cotton candy going on rides at the carnival. I don't know, maybe its just me but it just seemed that everyone was happy and on holidays. I would love to live in a place like that. Everyone around you happy and excited just to be where you live for a couple of days. It must be contagious because everyone in Brighton is so lovely, have I mentioned I love Brighton?

It became ridiculously cold, extremely quickly so I decided to buy myself a beanie to keep my hair from blowing in my face. It did the trick and started some interesting conversations.

At this point in time G left me to go back to the hotel and nap so I continued exploring alone.

good ol' England

Just because I am obsessed with these eyeshadows, even though I never use eyeshadow.

I so badly wish I could have bought the sausage dog clock, it's tail wagged!!

It's London <3 

I love swallows and I have wanted to get one tattooed on me for so long because I love birds and they are my favourite. I have always steered away from the cliche tattoo swallow but I love these. I really wish I coud have bought this artwork. It is so perfect. Coffee + Swallows.

Let me introduce you to the night of the hen's and bucks. Apparently everyone in England likes to go to Brighton to party like it's 1999 before they get married. Well Brighton was kicking in full swing tonight. I have never seen anything like it. They were like packs of drunks wolves and sloppy cougars covering the town. Maybe it is because Brighton is so very small that the amount of parties seemed out of proportioned. All I know is one group chose their festivities to be a treasure hunt throughout the town, can you say 'organised much'?

As you know at this time I was by myself and wandering around the charming streets of Brighton when I came across these lovely young men who just enjoyed life so very much. They asked me to take their photo so I did. 

I think at this point in time I like to stick by the phrase "always rely on the kindness of strangers". See I don't trust anyone with my camera. It is basically my child and I protect it with my life so I was a bit taken aback when these guys asked to take photos with me. I said no but then they all handed me their iphones and insisted so I decided why not. And well, I had so much fun I hadn't laughed so much in so long. If anyone has ever watched Gilmore Girls and they know the character Logan, well these guys were like Logan and his friends, just ridiculous and great. 

"Make lovey dovey eyes at eachother"

"Your in a nightclub"

"Quick you're digging a whole, your a badger, you're a sexy badger, work it girl"

I was quoting the guy taking the photos. 

As I said these guys were pretty ridiculous. One got a feather hair extension in their hair and the others all got silly henna tattoos. 

I would like to thank these guys for being so ridiculous and having so much fun with someone they had just met, I love strangers. We exchanged numbers but sadly never got around to catching up back in London. And this is where we parted ways.

Now this is just plain silly. 


Vivienne Westwood at an Opshop for £20. I wish I got it just to take the pendant off and make a necklace. 

H&M at an opshop. I really miss these thrift stores, they were always so neat and organised, and often colour coordinated.

This is beyond creepy. Why would you make a mini look so weird.

We met up with G's friend again for a dinner of fish and chips with ciders on the beach. 

After dinner we decided to follow suit of many distant travellers and get an oyster on the beach, apparently it's famous.

I actually think Australian Oysters have got so much more going for them. 

xoxo selfies 

This was such an amazing weekend. I can't believe I am not even in the same country with this beautiful girl anymore. The girl who was my lifesaver, best friend, sister, roommate this year and now she isn't around at all anymore. I miss our coffee dates and our spontaneous adventures. I know she loves London but I hope she comes back home one day, and brings her boyfriend along, they look so great together and he is such a great guy. She only deserves the best. I will end this rant but I just so badly wish I was with her right now in this place, drinking ciders and watching the sunset. Love you G.

I found Mr Grey. BUCKS

When buck parties meet. There was quite a bit of tomfoolery.

An old fashioned tour ?

Trippy dolphin statue, like it just doesn't even make sense.

Not a fan of this type of tattoo swallow but I would love to be drinking my coffee out of that mug right now.

It's a horse and it looks amazing.

Ok so basically we decided to have a quiet night. We went to a pub and when G went to the toilet a guy came up trying to pick me up via making up jokes about my beanie. He was a bit odd but nice. Then he left and G came back and then somehow him and his friends were sitting with us. I don't know how it happened but hey. They then took us to the park where they had a joint and we just kicked back enjoying the company. Then we returned to the pub where we met more of them and just drunk and took silly photos of strangers who I couldn't name now if my life depended on it.

Somehow we ended back at the hotel with no extra baggage this time thank god and collapsed in a drunken slur. I love spontaneous weekends with my best friend.

With love from Brighton

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  1. i have been reading your blog for a while now, but only just properly subscribed as i only just created an account. firstly i just wanted to say how inspiring you are, your blog and adventures are truly amazing. you seem like such a genuinely beautiful person. i love all your stories and trips around europe, all the photos are gorgeous. im only in year 10 currently but i really want to travel europe for a few months when i finish school and you are a reason that has inspired me. thank you so much for having such a fab blog .
    ps. thankyou for being my first follower too, im not sure how to message or anything on here, so i'll just add that here. xx