A Bouquet and a Day for Myself

Back in London. Back from my adventures in Brighton and Paris and Poland and now back into reality. Working at GAP on Oxford Street 24-30 hours a week and spending the rest of my time making the most of the time I had left with the little amount of money I had to spend. My terrible obsessions I had when I was living alone were buying magazines, flowers and candles. I was a real romantic. But considering my economic crisis I resorted to cutting down on magazines and just rereading the Hunger Games again, only one candle (if at all) and taking the free flowers that were on offer all around me. I would go to work and often finish late at night and wander home in the dark and steal flowers out of neighbours gardens. These pink lovelies were a favourite of mine.

I had the day off work and a Bucket list that needed crossing off. I started the day wandering the city. I began in Oxford Circus and worked my way to Piccadilly Circus taking photos of the various shopfronts and sights along the way.

You can't go wrong with Bunting and fairy lights

Possibly the greatest marketing technique ever. The tv walls with waves are pretty sweet as well. You have to give these guys credit, I mean not only are they wearing thongs in London, which I'm sorry but thongs should only EVER be worn at the beach, or if you live in Australia which is basically a big beach. Thongs should not be worn in London city where there are about 3 sunny days in the year. And of course they are usually wearing just swimming trunks. In this photo they are wearing jackets because it is 15 degrees and it hasn't even changed to Autumn yet. But hey whether you where Hollister or not you can't really disagree with the meme below...

A cake of macaroons <3

The cutest teapot shop. I felt very big and clumsy in here so I only took a couple of photos in fear of breaking the whole store and having it fall in on itself.

No I do not want to meet the author of this terrible terrible book. Here is what I think of Fifty Shades of Grey:
1. It sounds as if it is written by a sexually frustrated 16 year old rather then an educated (supposedly) middle aged woman.
2. Do you really know any girl who has finished their university course without having a drop of alcohol, or sex for that matter. If this girl existed in real life she would be a ridiculous social outcast.
3. Grey is a creep
4. Daddy issues
5. I can't get over girls that actually idolise this Grey character as a man they would want to be with. You need to sort yourselves out because you would have to be seriously twisted to want a Boyfriend that controlling and downright creepy. 
6. The only good thing about this book, is seeing guys read it.

I popped into the big Waterstones and did some book exploring of my own. Another love of mine, reading.

A book I wanted to buy but it weighed more then everything in my bedroom. There was no way it was coming home with me.

Possibly the most depressing, thought provoking, self reflecting book of all time. 

Leicester Square 

I took a few left and right turns and ended up in Chinatown

I have never had one before so I decided to get a pork bun from the street stall. It was really quite great until the juice dripped all over me and I made a right twat of myself in the street. 

If you want some delicious baked chinese delights go to this shop, it is the most crowded and the people are very quick and efficient but just do it. I highly recommend the cocktail bun and the crispy custard bun. I don't remember then name exactly but it has diamond in it and the shopfront is just off the side of the main street in China town down one of the lanes on the corner. There are only 2-3 proper bakeries so you shouldn't miss it. I have more photos from just before I left London. 

I went and sat in the park at Leicester square and watched the sun heading to bed. I decided to try something different at the bakery so I got a lotus cake in addition to my custard bun.
It was a lovely afternoon accompanied with John Green's lovely book "Looking for Alaska" which I highly recommend. 

Hey Mario

After about an hour or two of sitting and reading I was hungry again and decided to try this ice-cream shop that everyone seemed to be going to. I flicked through the slightly humorously named desserts and remembered that I was trying to lose weight so frozen yoghurt it was.

For dinner I went to Pret and borrowed some wifi to accompany my salad.

On this day I had managed to tick off my list:
. Go to Waterstone's
.Buy/ read "Looking for Alaska
. Eat a pork bun from a street cart in Chinatown
. Get food in Chinatown

It's not much but I still had a lovely day. 

With love from London

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