VIII. Blue Lady Tattoo & Sad Goodbyes

It was my last day in Melbourne with my best friend and I was feeling blue, so I decided to try the 'Best Juice on Earth". It was from Tropicana Juice bar which I hope will be opening soon in Sydney because I miss it a lot. This mystery juice is called the South American Delight. Goodluck trying to figure out what is in it because we were stumped. But then again, maybe the mystery is the thing that makes it taste so gosh darn good!

We spent the morning strolling around the arcades. Popped into a favourite of mine, the Dr Seuss art store and found an artwork that really spoke to my soul..

Tiny everything! Because everyone knows that everything is better in miniature form.

A tiny little house in a spiritual shop.

Feeling a little bit Harry Potter..

Our actual mission for this day was to find a tattoo store that was open in the Melbourne CBD and we managed to find one of best ones I have ever been to. This interior was absolute perfection for a tattoo studio. I couldn't stop looking at the walls. And I love the open plan of it all. And I am a real sucker for natural light. This place just ticked all the boxes for me. Welcome to Blue Lady Tattoo.

This is the tattoo I got, it says GRL PWR. This is a tattoo I have been wanting to get for such a long time now. I just never had time or money. The timing just felt right and this place was just so perfect. The artist we had did such a good job. But any artist you get at this place seems like they would nail it. They all have slightly different styles so I recommend you come in and check out their work portfolios before you choose. Unless of course you are just getting little plain tattoos like me. I am still trying to find a good minimalist tattoo artist to design a naked girl for me for my other elbow. If you know any hit me up at my facebook page @yeswanderlust.

One final trip to H&M to say goodbye. I know we have one in Sydney but it's just not the same.

The final photos I have with Paige are polaroids that are up around my room to always remind me of her beautiful soul. Words cannot express how much I miss having my best friend by side. Please come back to visit me in Sydney soon.

Melbourne farewelling me in style. I will one day call you home.


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