Australia Day at Goat Island Sounds

Introducing the happiest little floof ball you will ever meet, Nicole's new pup Arri. At this point I haven't seen Nicole for at least a month because she has been travelling and recording. I can't wait to see how big this floof is when she gets back. But to be honest I am way more excited to see my best friend, I miss her so much. Only a couple more weeks until she is back from America!

Before this honey left we decided to check out Low and Lofty's in Cronulla. It's this pretty trendy little joint which serves American/ Carribean cuisine that goes down an absolute treat. We ordered Sing Joy Pow, Sweet Potato Fries, Pickled Gherkins and Bloody Mary Oyster shots. The oyster shots were not exactly to our liking, but you should always try everything twice. The Haloumi Sing Joy Pow was a really delicious take on San Choy Bow. I also discovered that I prefer Polish pickles to Caribbean Gherkins. I am pretty keen to check out this place again very soon. Hopefully with a big group of people who eat more then Nicole and I do so I can try more dishes.

Nicole's spirit animal, the flamingo. Pretty and pink with crazy skinny legs.

I had a bit of a shaky start to my Australia Day, and I mean that literally. But as soon as I got to Goat Island all my problems melted away into the sea and I let myself be enveloped by the good vibes.

I love this little Polar Bear.

Nicole's wonderful friends set up this wonderful picnic with the absolute works. Such a wonderful way to spend Australia Day. Pimm's, cheese and crackers, chips, salsa, dip and everything in between. There was even vodka soaked watermelon which I personally would not recommend. 

This was our epic view for the day. The weather was actual perfection that day minus the slight showers in the afternoon. We were proper terrified it would be full on storming all day.

Playsuit / ACHE
Shoes / Cotton On
Sunglasses / Le Specs
Necklace / H&M

Couple goals/ favourite couple

Sex kitten backstage bandit

It rained for about 5 minutes but other then that it was a perfect day. Kilter slayed and we all had a pretty amazing time. There were even fireworks which was nice considering I missed the fireworks on New Years Eve.

Before I caught the train home I remembered I hadn't eaten in hours. The sandwich was ok. But a word of warning, do not get crackers and not purchase water when you are drunk.You will regret it and it will be a painful experience that will make your mouth feel like the Sahara desert. Maybe just don't go into 7/11 at all when you are drunk, you will always end up with at least one item that doesn't seem to make sense but at the time seemed like a good idea.


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