Eating Healthy & Uni Exams

Shoutout to snapchat for really upping it's game in 2016. Instagram is soon going to be incorporating Facebook's lame algorithms into your personal feed, basically meaning you will be seeing more popular posts first based on your preferences, which is honestly the most annoying thing about Facebook. I don't know if it's just me but I literally have to go to my settings and click "most recent" everytime I go on Facebook. Why can't instagram just stay how it is? Why fix something that isn't broken. I honestly think snapchat is going to take over instagram soon. If you feel like following me search 

Missing these two beautiful souls more and more every day. Paige lives in another city, and Nicole is barely ever in Sydney because her music career is absolutely blowing up. If you haven't checked it out yet, get her EP Tremble on iTunes. It will make you feel things I promise.

Actually nailing the home Acai bowl.
My ingredients include: Acai Energy frozen pouch, 1 banana (better if frozen), handful of strawberries, handful of frozen blueberries, almonds, chia seeds, linseeds, coconut water, spinach leaves, kale, and anything green really.
My bowls aren't really measured, I am very happy go lucky when it comes to nutri-bulleting my acai concoctions. They always seem to come out pretty bomb. Top with chia and coconut pieces and wallah, you've got yourself a dope as homemade Acai bowl.

This is another favourite at home delicacy, the ugly salad.
Ingredients include: carrot, tomato, spinach, any other salad leaves, red salmon, some sort of cheese if you feel like it, chia, linseed, and cucumber. Make a salad dressing by combining tahini, sweet chilli sauce and light french dressing. This is a super easy and super tasty salad to make. You can literally put anything you have in your fridge or pantry. It looks ugly as, but the more colourful it is, the better it is for your body.

Another group of super talented music humans I know are in a band called Polaris. They have more hardcore style music which may not suit everyone's fancy but damn these boys really nailed it in their new EP the Guilt & the Grief. They killed it in online sales and actually made it onto the Aria charts which is pretty damn insane for a bedroom band. So proud of these boys they worked so hard for this. Check it out for yourself!

Sadly my golden baby is getting quite old. She is currently 10 years old and it is starting to get harder for her to walk. But even when she is in pain she never stops smiling. She is my role model.

My uni diet honestly consists of endless amounts of coconut water and Hack podcasts on the train rides there and back.

Loving all the new plants in my room. I live in the bottom level of the house, right next to the cellar so my room can get pretty dank sometimes. These plants solve that problem straight up.

This is an essential de-stress activity for me during exams. I enjoy LUSH products immensely. A few of my favourite products include: 
  • "You've been Mangoed bath melt"
  • "The comforter bubble bar" (FAVE)
  • "Dreamtime bath melt"
  • "Buffy body butter"
  • And a black bar that you use to scrub which is in the picture but I cannot find the name of

Other products featured include: Frank Body Cocoa Scrub, Akin Lavender body wash, Manicare eye mask (real cucumbers work better), Miracle of Nature Herbal mask, Josie Maran Exfoliating Powder, Origins Ginzing, and Vita + Skin Coconut oil for skin and hair which I do not recommend. Pure coconut oil works way better and doesn't leave a weird sticky residue on your skin.

These are a few of my favourite things during study sessions, fresh fruit and coconut water.

Going somewhere local? Why not ride?

Since everything that happened last year I've lost 10kg. Now the real challenge is keeping it off and getting fit and healthy.

Forever my ultimate study companion, even though her cuteness is wildly distracting.

Working on my fitness in my study breaks. Keeps me active and keeps the endorphins flowing.

When the weather outside is mint but you have to stay inside and study.

Chronicles of a uni student

After a lot of hard work and a tonne of wasted beautiful summer days spent inside I was finally finished my exams. And considering everything that happened that trimester I was pretty amazed to have passed all my subjects!! Now I could finally let my hair down and relax for a bit.

Top / H&M
Skirt / Cotton On
Shoes / Rubi

Girls night in Cronulla with this queen Gen.

Feeling a lot better now that I don't have to stress over exams or not having a car. Here's to the next few weeks of Uni break!


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