Flaming Lips & Jessica Jones

And now that I have said my sad goodbyes to Melbourne it's time to catch you up on the year I have had so far. I went to Melbourne on my two week uni break. My course is an accelerated Business Marketing course, which means instead of three years my course is just under two years long. But it also means I have three trimesters a year instead of two semesters. It has been quite intense to say the least. I was hoping to catch up on my textbook readings over the Christmas break but that didn't work out so well. 

I checked out a Saturday day class at General Assembly for Lean UX Design. I had at this point only attended a couple of lectures and forums. This was my first proper class and I found out pretty quickly that I had already learnt this stuff through the Telstra Imaginarium. But it was still really fun to practice doing something I love.

I am not going to explain what UX is because it's way more fun to learn it hands on. Plus I still am not sure how to properly explain it in simple terms.

After the class that Saturday I was informed of a free Flaming lips concert that was happening at the Domain as a part of Sydney Festival. I decided on a whim to go and check it out by myself. This would have to be the first time going to a concert/ festival by myself and I won't lie it wasn't that fun to begin with. It's a lot of sitting alone trying to avoid eye contact with overly keen guys. I would go to a gig by myself but not a festival, way too much waiting alone. I did however run into my old year 10 English teacher who is an absolute gem. 

After a while of wandering around by myself I ended up making friends with these stunning Surry Hill babes. I could not stop admiring their individual style's. They all had such unique looks that you could tell had taken years to perfectly suit each one of them. 

I honestly don't think there are many people out there who could own this look so perfectly.

After many hours waiting I have to say, the Flaming Lips were well worth the wait. The lights on their own were incredible. In the end everything came together so succinctly to create an experience I will forever cherish.

Best. Band. T. Ever.

The next week I saw one of my favourite ladies after her trip to Fiji where she got engaged to her High School Sweetheart. I am so over the moon. They have been together for close to a decade now. Can't wait to see the ultimate Angelina Jolie look a like walk down the aisle next year.

Forever admiring interior inspo.

This is my favourite crystal of all time. I don't know the name of it but it is seriously amazing! I got a much smaller piece in Melbourne.

H&M Bag x new plant for my room

Bedroom interior decor is shaping up nicely

This is what I do at work. Bake cookies and sing Rihanna in my head all day.
Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

In other pretty amazing news I finally got my dream car, a little black Suzuki Swift. For the time being I am sharing her with dad until he buys his own car. Which works perfectly for me as I am still living at home and don't need the car 24/7. 

Meet my babygirl Jessica Jones, my new partner in crime. And side note, yes I am completely obsessed with the Netflix show by the same name.

Going to end the first non-travel post of 2016 with some pretty adorable photos of my two babies being absolute sooks.


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