New star in the sky

Sadly on New Years Eve my Grandma had a quite severe stroke. A few weeks later we lost her. She lived a great life with a huge family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who all loved her. If it wasn't for her I would never have had Dachshunds in my life. I was named after her first Husband/ my Grandpa Eric who passed before I was born. This all happened quite quickly at the beginning of this year and on top of everything else it was a lot to deal with at the time.

You're free now Nan, rest in peace ✨✨💫✨ 

The weeks following the family came together to help clean up their childhood home. I hadn't been to this house since I was probably in primary school. Nobody had lived in this home for years. It was a home for Nan to basically keep her things which now had to be cleaned out and either donated or cleaned out. I have to admit there were some pretty amazing things that we found in this house. It was basically a museum of yesteryear.

The wallpapers were my favourite. This house was actually quite large. Some of the rooms I had never even been in before!

This is the backyard where Nan used to breed her Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds. And that large circle in the middle used to be a really old school above ground swimming pool that my cousins and I used to swim in.

Saying goodbye to Grandma's house and all the memories that are kept in there.

I dedicate this post to the memory of my Grandma.


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