VII. Fitzroy & Collingwood

That morning I spent recovering by the pool with coconut water and the book I was reading at the time, 'The Girl on the Train'. It is very gone girl vibes in how it is written and the story is easy to immerse yourself in. If you feel like just engaging yourself in a decent mystery I would recommend giving it a read.

Since the break up I have lost 10kg. It's pretty crazy considering I wouldn't really have considered my body shape back then to be fat or overweight. Now I just need to work on toning up and keeping the weight off.

When Paige woke up we got dressed and headed to Collingwood to find a kebab shop called Biggie Smalls. It was on my bucket list and it felt like the perfect place to go for a hungover feed.

That boob looks really out of proportion, floating boob.

Spent a good 10 minutes looking at this street art and making up voices for the guys in it. Another favourite memory of this Melbourne trip.

I had Dirty South which was fried chicken, pumpkin pie hummus, leaves and pickled bits and still to this day makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
Paige got West Coast which was fried shrimp, harissa mayo, leaves and pickled bits and from what I was told it was pretty dope.

The chips were good but we ate about three each the kebabs filled us up so much. And heads up BYO juice boxes because that was the biggest rip off ever! Seriously, $4 for about 125ml of fake orang juice! Other then that I still recommend this place highly only because their kebabs are seriously off chops.

While we were waiting for Georges, the Seinfeld themed bar to open we decided to play around in the alleys and try and take really cliche street style photos. We couldn't take it seriously enough so instead just had a heap of fun taking ridiculously silly photos in front of graffiti walls.

We were trying to get my flares to do their thing but it was too windy.

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As a pretty huge fan of Seinfeld I was a fair bit disappointed by Georges. I found out that the bar was already established and then the theme was chosen which is pretty obvious. It is pretty much a typical bar with a few wall decals and a themed drinks and food menu. I was hoping that this would be a bar created by die hard Seinfeld fans, that there would be subtle references everywhere you looked, that there would be a shelf of cereal for no reason. I just think the people behind Georges could have done so much more. As it is currently it is worth checking out. Paige and I had two Summer of George's one with vodka and one with gin and they were both delicious.

We decided not to eat at Georges so we could tick one more item off our bucket list for that day, get pintxos at Naked for Satan. This was a definite favourite place of mine, 10/10 would recommend. I only wish I went there earlier in the trip so I could have gone twice. I am not going to bother writing what each one was because we got at least one of everything and anyway you need to go there and try it for yourself.

One day left in Melbourne..


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