With Love from London: Sunny Saturdays

Started this day out going to a French Cafe where we had french toast and eggs benedict and they were amazing! Sadly I didn't photograph in this place but I will definitely be going back. It was called Cafe Rouge just outside Tottenham court station.

After breakfast we went out to look for Ray's jazz cafe. We ended up stumbling into a huge comic book store which we spent nearly an hour in just wandering around educating ourselves on the art of graphic novels and memorabilia. It was pretty neat. I actually bought my first graphic novel and 2 days later I am nearly finished! 

I know it looks quite grim but it is actually such an interesting read. It reminds me a lot of the book I was forced to study for my HSC "The 50th Gate" but this book is actually good!

Eventually we found the cafe I was looking for, "Ray's Jazz Cafe" above the Foyle's bookshop on Charing Cross road. It was such a lovely, hardwood floored comfy chaired boho jazz cafe. I will definitely be coming back here. Below is pictured the most amazing mozzarella salad, so simple yet divine. Although sadly next to it is possibly the worst soy chai latte I have ever consumed. Definitely sticking to tea next time I go there.

Afterwards we spent the day walking around Covent Garden then eventually tubed it to Camden where we both purchased a slab of watermelon and took it down to the Lock to enjoy it and the sunny day.

Everyone at the Camden lock enjoying the sun. That's where we were sitting.

Random motivational quote of the day

So by this time we had been joined by G and had eaten some very cheap vegetarian chinese food. We were supposed to go to Primrose Hill to take photos but decided to save it for another day because we were very hot and bothered. It was the hottest day this year. 28ยบ C.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the "World famous Camden Markets". I understand why. I have been to Camden more then any other place in London except Oxshott and I still haven't seen all of the markets. They are huge! Every corner there is another alley and then it will split into two and all the while your walking to each side of you are walls of clothing, sunglasses, jewellery, knick knacks and basically anything you could possibly ever want under the sun. It is heaven.

My favourite part are the huge horse statues everywhere. They give the market something that I can not put my finger on, but I love them. Wow I just said I loved giant horse statues. London is doing weird things to me...moving on!



Boy and I parted with G and travelled back to mine. I was cooking us both dinner. Me + cooking = the to don't go together too well. Although somehow I managed to whip up something good with the Polish ingredients I had picked up from the store. Yep that's right, I did Polish and I did it well. Moya Matka would be so proud of me. 

As unappetising as it looks it is actually quite amazing. Above is the main.

Starter: Cut up Polish sausages, two different types (I went all out for this)
Main: 2 types of Polish pierogi (1. meat and 2. potato and mushroom) with a side salad of leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and french dressing.
Dessert: Sweet cottage cheese filled pierogi with raspberry polish jam. And a side of polish chocolate to go with tea. 

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