With Love from 1 Broke Girl in London

 Bon Iver - Love more

Here are a couple of photo's from my meeting with G the other day off her instagram.

Me planning my life out with the most amazing soy chai latte I have ever drunk

I don't do candid I just do awkward.

Despite the prospective homelessness and joblessness sitting on my shoulder all week, I have probably had one of the best weeks since I have gotten to London. After my previous post that I wrote in the morning with a cute boy sleeping soundly next to me we had a great couple of days together. That day I went into Camden with him looking for prospective jobs. we left at like 2pm because I don't know if i have mentioned previously but basically everyone in England is Nocturnal and it is blasphemy to awaken before 10am. 

At Waterloo when we were changing to get onto the tube we stopped off at McDonald's. They were doing an Arizona burger...I had to try it...it had nacho chips in it! and these weird criss cuts that weren't too bad, but you know they would have had like 10x more calories then normal fries. Well the verdict, the burger was actually quite good, I wasn't truly able to enjoy it though because I could pretty much feel the new fat molecules generating around my stomach and thighs with every bite I made. Oh and I had a thickshake to make it worse, berry starburst flavor. Could I really resist?

♫  Snakadaktal - Boy

So we went to Camden and found an internet cafe where I printed off some CVs and as we were walking back down the street I noticed that the Jazz cafe had a vacancy for a bartender.  I don't know if you already know but jazz is my secret crush. So that would be amazing. They told us to come back at 5pm so we went off to do some exploring.

Seeing as I had already eaten a big brunch I bought a punnet of strawberries with Boy. We walked around Camden, eating strawberries, talking about life, looking through trinkets in markets and going through weird alleyways and paths in which we had no idea where they were leading us. We stumbled into a really cute tea shop/ cafe where I bought a tea called Wanderlust. I know right. It is apple, cinnamon, almond and vanilla I think. 

Had a nice mango green tea to accompany my strawberries which were running a little empty by this point.

So we walked around the markets a bit longer before they shut. I bought a film camera which my photos that I sneakily took of the markets are all on. I bought a cute necklace with wings on it, will take a photo when I get settled in to new place to show you. So by this time in the day we were genuinely hungry so we found a boho mexican kitchen which had half price cocktails. Mmmm mango mojito's.

♫  Marina and the Diamonds - I am not a robot

It looks messy because I couldn't refrain from starting to eat before I took a photo. But basically I had a chicken enchilada and he had a lamb enchilada and I had mexican spring rolls as a starter (amazing) and he had chilli cheese fries which we both agreed were not worth it. But basically the meal was amazing and I honestly couldn't finish because it was so filling. I really wish you could just buy all meals in half portions. It would save me so much money and would be a lot easier on the size of my stomach. 

Ok so after that we ended up getting back to the jazz cafe at 6pm and the manager had left which was a bit painful to hear but we decided we would come back the next day. We went for a couple of pints at a very 70's rock pub that had loud vintage beats playing in the background and a very cliche 60yr old british punk rocker with a peroxide mohawk. When I say mohawk I mean one that you look at and truly wonder how much product he really has to use everyday, and does that really give of the masculine, punk rock, anarchy in the UK using that much product on a daily basis.

We went back to Oxshott and after a couple more pints fell asleep watching an idiot abroad. If you haven't seen it, watch it now. It's british humor at it's all time best. 

The next morning we left around 11am carrying with us most of the possessions in my room in two big bags. Boy carried my bag the whole way, I didn't know what to say, no one has ever really done anything that thoughtful for me in a long time. We knew we were going to be late for the train which comes every 30min so we decided to get breakfast. And what better to go for breakfast then indian. The shop from the outside looked like every other dodgy LED signed indian take away from Australia. Although when we actually went inside it was such a charming restaurant and the waiters were so genuinely happy to be serving us I couldn't believe it. For starters we had poopadoms which came with mint sauce, mango chutney, some very spicy pickle dip and greens. Have honestly never had poppadoms. No complaints. 

♫  Jamie Cullum - Not while I'm around

Mains were specially requested butter chicken, because they actually don't have any here which is a bit shocking. Boy had a mild lamb dish which was really quite nice and he chose the rice, basmati. not going to lie I have never had it and well it's not really my thing. But in all honesty this is the greatest indian food I have ever consumed.

Ok I know I know my blog is slowly turning from fashion, to travel and now into a food blog. But it won't always be like this. But it was basically like we had 4 dates in 2 days which was nice. We went to Fulham broadway where my cousin lives and dropped off my stuff. That is where my massive suitcase has stayed since I have moved here but it will definitely be moving out with me on Monday. We stopped by the pet shop to ask if they could look after hamster with no name in case I couldn't get an apartment. They said it would be fine but it cost £2 a day which would add up after a while. So I wasn't just eating I was applying for jobs at the same time. I walked into this shop Joy  and applied for a job. Literally 30min later I got a call from them to come in on monday at 5pm!! So excited. Would love to work there@!!

We went back to Camden but I smartly enough had left my cvs in my big suitcase at my cousins, I don't even know how I did that. But we went to an internet cafe and printed more out. But sadly by the time I got back the Jazz cafe manager had gone again!

I personally think it was a sign though. I know it sounds really lame but I beleive a lot in fate and chance and things happening for a reason and I don't really want to work in hospitality and bartending anymore, and I think this was my sign to keep working towards getting a job in hospitality. 

We went to a lovely sushi place. I have actually had my first decent sushi in london and it was incredible. The one above is what I had, soft shell crab roll. I also had fried tofu and Boy had marmite chicken and teryaki salmon which both were really nice. Marmite is weird. It's just a lesser version of vegemite really. But hey think about that, Vegemite and chicken. It ain't half bad.

We did our standard couple of pints in a pub, walk home from Oxshott station, another couple of pints and then we went to sleep. But apparently we kept up the individal sleeping in the room next to me. Which doesn't make sense in any way unless we kept him up with our synchronized snoring. So in the morning there was a letter on my bed which I laughed at until I realised I couldn't have cuddles anymore. 

From the manager Julian:

"blah blah blah
The staff accomodation is NOT for dewell occupancy and if you are to have guests I must be alerted at least 2 days in advance"

So not only has this Jcunt of a manager made me jobless and homeless, he is also not letting me enjoy my final week with my friends in Oxshott. So angry at him, he sounds like my illegitamte parent or something. Honestly it has been such a pain in the ass living here. I have accumulated over £90 just getting between oxshott and waterloo on the overground train, I have had a kurfew meaning I was either locked in or out every night around 11pm and now I am in trouble for having boys sleep over.

So keen to move out of Oxshott!

Well it is Sunday night here now. Boy has just finished work and we are going to Thai up the road. I still have a whole 2 days to tell you about which doesnt seem like much but a lot has been happening since I have not been working. Will most likely do another post tonight.

With Love from London

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