With Love from London

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I want to write this blog post as a letter to my pen pal Bambi as today meant a lot to me in terms of our friendship.

Ok B, so you know the notebook you posted me filled with your letters, well I didn't finish reading it until today. I know that sounds bad but to be honest I really wanted to take my time so I read a section every week since I received it in the mail. And I took it with me today when I went to the shops and read it on the bus and train and in a cafe and sadly on the bus home I finished it. And I am not even kidding you I did get a little bit teary. 

Especially the part that spoke about how we started our friendship, the tumblr comment, the youtube video the long essay messages to eachother...and now I can't imagine having you not in my life, and we havn't even met!

By the way when we meet it will look a little something like this
It wouldn't let me embed. 

Jamie Cullum - Twenty Something

Ok so I had the day off today, I was going to meet a friend for coffee but she was sick so I went to Kingston with a specific list of things to buy..

Bed sheets & Pillow covers
A calendar
Water bottle

Came home with 3 magazines, a bunch of white tulips, 2 white pillow cases, another candle, cigarettes, Shampoo and a water bottle. So I got a little sidetracked but you will understand why.

Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna

A really pretty flower shop I passed in Surbiton, ridiculously overpriced but nice to look at.

Just a standard every day sighting in London

I desperately want the duffel-like bag in the centre

I went and sat in Bentall's for a while where I bought a small moleskine diary, my guilty pleasure reece's peanut butter cups and a soy chai vanilla latte. It was amazing.

♫ Bon Iver - Love More

But this was even more amazing. There were these guys, plus 10 more equally stunning boys lining the entrance to the 2 Hollister stores advertising a free underwear campaign that is happening tomorrow which I sadly can't go to because of work :( 

The one on the right above is my favourite, sorry I think I just drooled on my keyboard a little.

♫ Sóley - Pretty Face

So one of the negatives of living not in australia in Illawong is that I am not anywhere near my favourite sushi place Moon's sushi and I still can't find anything close to it here in London. But I have been craving the fuck out of it lately so not only did I have it for Lunch but also dinner, I know, I am such a bad ass. This is how most of their sushi comes and it is pretty pricey. I guess it is somewhat of a delicacy here. Dam I miss living within close proximity to Japan.

Here are some things I currently am inspired by/ reminded me of you/ love.

Those are the flowers I bought for my room today, I will take a photo of them tomorrow.

I so badly want to do this but there is no way I possibly could because I am way to clumsy and there would just be silver everywhere.

I am currently dieting, I need to lose weight. I am doing a modelling shoot on Monday. It is just to get some professional photos for me to start a portfolio, and if that goes well then I have a 2 shoots already lined up for the 14th and 26th so fingers crossed, but I desperately need to lose weight and tone up my stomach..

Herbrand Street, it is amazing. We have to go and take photos in front of it.

My life story.

I think that one day we should start a fashion label that specializes in things like jewellery collars, accesorries and minimalist. Kind of like shakuhachi meets The Row. 

Please book a flight as soon as you possibly have money saved. We can work out the rest from here, jobs etc. We will go with the flow and everything will I guess in a way float on. 
I saw your tattoo ideas I really love the the be free on your ankle. 
I was thinking how I call you B and then I'm E so look at that,  B.E. free... be free.

I really need to go to sleep, I have had the worst time sleeping here. Maybe I am still running on Australian time. Goodnight my love and hope to here from you soon via my blog.

Love from London

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