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This is ksubi 

This is also ksubi


At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, Ksubi paved a whole new path for themselves in the fashion world with their designs having a sporting edge with the underlying utilitarian streak.

Featuring "high performance" materials with metallic and leather detailing, with the entire collection being based on fashionable comfort. 

I love  this dress although I don't think anyone other then this size 0 model could possibly pull it off.

Not to lie those shoes are positively hideous. They look like shoes over 40's put on to look nice at church.

I do love the cut-out singlet look

This is stunning but knowing it will cost an arm and a leg I will practice some self restraint.

This jacket is lovely but the pant material does not appeal to me that much, then again neither does most of this "metallic" fabric. It looks like it belongs in a 7yr olds musical costume rather then on the runway.

The collar is a nice shape.

I dislike this whole outfit completely. 

Ok so none of the above tickled my fancy.

I like this minus the short sleeves.

My honest thought is that I love the colour and I respect any designer looking for a change although I will always be a true ksubi roots fan, torn denim and slogan tee's. Although ksubi will always be a brand for me in which I look but don't touch, like a museum of fashion. 

I am hoping this is a one off change up. I like badlands ksubi. But then again maybe there is a reason they were going downhill in the fashion world.

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